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Our technology

A cloud-native platform built to scale. Essential to your digital transformation vision

Deploy out of the box planning & analytics solutions and add in your in-house analytics. Create a differentiated digital operating model.

Gain insights like never before through a patented graph-based technology.

o9’s game changing Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) provides the richness of modeling & computations to power next-generation Business applications.

Connections between o9's knowledge models across the supply chain

The o9 EKG, with the fully connected representation, allows for:

Multi-dimensional models at appropriate levels of detail.

Built in support for lightning-fast aggregation and disaggregation along any number of hierarchies.

Fully linked models to rapidly propagate all changes

Ability to incorporate necessary structured and unstructured data in driving all analytics and decisions.

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Activate impactful AI capabilities on a wide range of applications, from prediction to clustering & segmentation.

Rich representation in a Graph model allows for efficient storage of internal & external drivers for AI models. AI then delivers high-fidelity results by applying domain specific knowledge to create impactful ML models.

Eliminate the black box. Gain clear visibility to both internal and external drivers and their impact on the AI output.

Enable an environment for your Data Science & Analytics teams. Deliver targeted analysis faster and in tighter collaboration with business teams.

Native support to the two biggest data science platforms — R and Python. Powerful development environments allow to bring existing Python/R models in an easy-to-use production system

No more spinning cursors when you ask a question or make an edit.

o9 delivers unprecedented performance for analytics & live decisions on the platform

In-memory Columnar Database

  • Fine-tuned for analytics and planning algorithms
  • High-speed query performance
  • Scalable data compression
  • Effective caching for hot queries
Smart Hierarchical Partitioning & Storage

  • Incremental delta tree for edits
  • Lighter memory footprint
  • Separate read vs. write partitions
  • Key based sub-partitions
Framework for Unstructured & Structured Data & Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Intelligent tagging and indexing
  • Integrated language & structured models
  • Scalable and extensible open-source modules to power NLP

Highest level of security and encryption services to safeguard data whether deploying on a private or public cloud.

Role-based Access
Granular access control restrictions based on role.

Full Audit Traceability
Logging and traceability at transaction level for auditing.

Secure single sign-on and authentication services.

Full Encryption
Multi-level encryption options based on enterprise needs.

Rapid integration connectors for high volume cloud and on-premise data hubs.

Bring together master data and incremental events/triggers that are needed to get comprehensive analytics & visibility.

Connectivity Services & APIs

  • ETL Services
  • Direct in-memory loaders
  • Secure Rest APIs
  • Real time Data Adapters
External connectors

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Excel
  • Azure Synapse
  • Google BigQuery
  • Amazon Redshift
integration graph of o9 platform API