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Digitally engage and delight customers

Optimize supply chain costs and inventory

Improve ROI on product, marketing and sales initiatives

Support agile operating models

Transform people productivity and expertise

AIM10x Global 2021 on April 19, 20, and 21 is our biggest digital transformation event to date. Gain insight from +55 leaders in planning, decision-making, and analytics, and so much more.
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Global companies are transforming from slow, silo-ed Supply Chain, Revenue and Financial planning to real-time Integrated Business Planning with :o9.

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"Integrated Planning is a key enabler to precisely flowing merchandise. It allows us to create one viable digital flow plan taking into consideration all the needs, constraints and costs of stakeholders. Integrated end-to-end planning is a key step in our digital journey."

SVP Flow, Walmart

"We chose o9 as the best partner to further enhance the power of Pirelli’s unique business model leveraging on their innovative and AI-based technology to simulate any feasible planning scenario and anticipate strategic decisions."

SVP & Chief Digital Officer, Pirelli

With its Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) model, :o9 delivers game-changing digital powers to all planning and decision processes.

Real-time Market and Operations knowledge

ML/AI powered analytics and algorithms

Integrated planning models with real-time synchronization

Post-game analysis and learning

Industry specific solutions. Configured and tailored rapidly to your unique priorities and needs.

Brands & Manufacturing

Retail & Distribution

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:o9 was positioned furthest to the right for completeness of vision in the Gartner February 2021 Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning Solutions.
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