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Improve forecast accuracy, alignment and accountability.

Build accurate forecasts with o9’s AI solution for Retail Demand Planning and use AI/ML based predictive analytics to forecast fashion, seasonal and long lifecycle products.

Top reasons retailers are upgrading their demand forecasting capabilities

  • Handling omni-channel complexity
  • Ability to forecast all product types: basic, seasonal, hardlines, softlines, grocery
  • Leveraging new data sources to improve forecast accuracy
  • Move to big data architecture that can process billions of records at a fraction of the current cost
  • Upgrading from current legacy systems and spreadsheets to a cloud based system

Key Differentiators

  • Exception based workflow
  • AI driven actionable recommendations
  • Comprehensive statistical and AI/ML forecasting models
  • Forecast top-down, bottoms-up or middle-out
  • Real-time aggregation and dis-aggregation at any level in the hierarchy
  • Forecast based on business drivers such as weather, consumer feedback, social media data, local events, pricing, promotions, seasonality etc.
  • Short lifecycle product forecasting
  • Range based forecasts
  • Attribute based automated search for new product introduction
  • Execution and scaling of AI/ML algorithms developed by customer data science team
  • Cycle over Cycle Forecast Change
  • Forecast Accuracy & Bias Post Game Analysis
  • What-if scenarios and simulations

Retail demand planning with the o9 platform

Predict accurate demand to plan receipts and maintain optimal inventory levels. Use AI/ML driven forecasts to drive Merchandise, Assortment and Allocation planning. Adapt to recent trends, seasonality, stock positions, and promotions during In-season to , and reflect retailers’ unique demand drivers to maximize profitability.

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o9 Solutions is the premier AI-powered platform for driving digital transformations of integrated planning and operations capabilities. Whether it is driving demand, aligning demand and supply, or managing P&L, any process can be made faster and smarter with o9’s AI-powered digital solutions. Bringing together technology innovations—such as graph-based enterprise modeling, big data analytics, advanced algorithms for scenario planning, collaborative portals, easy-to-use interfaces and cloud-based delivery—into one platform.

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