Maximize profit with Smart Allocations to maintain optimized inventory levels for all stages of product lifecycle.

Top reasons companies are improving their allocation planning processes.

  • Ability to optimize inventory and sell-through in an omni-channel environment
  • AI based recommended allocations using Assortment plans, Forecast and Item-Store affinity to maximize Allocators productivity.
  • Enable one integrated process from initial allocation to in-season replenishment to end-of-season allocation
  • Move from legacy systems to cloud based system

Market & Consumer Insights

  • Exception driven workflow
  • Customer demand driven allocations
  • Optimized Pack Allocations
  • Intelligent allocations to handle short or excess supply
  • Allocation Strategy – Develop and execute strategies to maximize sell thru and profitability on core as well as seasonal items, while minimizing markdowns
  • Refine Allocations using Store Priority, Store Grading, Size Profiles, Minimums and Maximums, presentation etc
  • Store need generation using AI/ML based forecasts using sales history by regular, promotional, and clearance sales and other demographic, economic and environmental factors.
  • Analyze store inventory at the style/size level, identify over and under performers and provide suggestions to improve
  • Inventory balancing across stores, considering sales volume, store type, and capacity of each store (weekly)
  • Store constraints such as store capacity, shelf space, receiving capacity etc.
  • Multi-echelon network modeling including DC to DC or DC to store allocations
  • Integration to assortment for including item-store eligibility, minimum, maximum, presentation, size curves and rules
  • Automated integration to ERP/WMS for execution
  • What-if scenario Planning

Allocation Planning with the o9 platform

Accurately and efficiently allocate merchandise to stores and ensure optimal Inventory distribution that can maximize sales throughout the products’ lifecycle

Looking for an Allocation solution that can ensure the right product, at the the, right time at the right store maintaining optimized inventory levels?

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