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Long Range Planning

Long Range Strategic Planning

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Build Strategic plans for your organization over a longer time horizon

o9’s Long Range Planning solution uses an organization’s current business plan to extrapolate on future decisions over 3-5 years. Use the End-to-End Supply Chain Network to review the overall supply chain including Potential Constraints, Network Design, Capex, Product Portfolio, Cost to Serve, Inventory Costs, and Impacts of Contract Manufacturing on different scenarios.

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Top reasons

Why customers choose o9 for their Long Range Planning

Compare “what if” scenarios in the planning process to enable strategic decision making on a longer-term horizon

Prescriptive Growth Drivers: Identify & synthesize the growth drivers that will deliver your desired business goals

Review breakdown of investment in inventory, flex consumption, increase in alternates, and the contribution margin on any time scale

Visibility to biggest performance, forecast gaps – assumptions behind forecasts, plans, and gap closure proposals over longer time horizons

Supply Chain Constraints, Excess Capacity & Inventory – Demand and Supply Shaping Action Plan to line up with business long term goals

Long Range strategic planning – Demand or supply changes, P&L impacts along with Top NPI, Marketing & Sales initiative visibility for strategic management

Plan better. Reduce waste. Create an efficient business for a better planet.

o9’s Integrated Business planning software capabilities including LRP are helping global enterprises improve the overall plan over longer time horizons, which directly correlates to better and improved financial performance. And when a business plans better, it creates operational efficiencies that significantly reduce wastage.

The integrated planning efficiencies delivered by o9 is helping corporations do more, be more and mean more, internally and to the world at large.

Looking for a long range planning solution to uncover growth opportunities?

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