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Annual Operating Plan (AOP) & Budgeting

Go beyond Financial Planning

Align Performance with Business Goals with an Operating Plan that captures strategic intent.

Top reasons organizations are upgrading their AOP and budgeting capabilities

Integrated Strategic Plans
Align S&OP and AOP processes onto one platform to become a more responsive organization

Always synchronized Annual Plans
Reduce time and costs of AOP by moving to a digital collaborative platform

KPIs tied to Strategy
Transform functional measurements and performance management to center around business goals

o9 Solution IBP software financial planning working interface

Use cases favored by our clients

  • Entire AOP process orchestrated on system – Process, templates, milestones
  • Multiple models for top down target setting – LY, market opportunity, benchmarking
  • Enabling analytics based bottom up planning models – Baseline + Incremental Opportunities
  • Visibility to assumptions, collaboration made easier
  • Digital System of record for AOP planning
  • Post game analysis – Performance to plan, root cause analysis and accountability stories

Looking for a next-generation AOP and budgeting solution?

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