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Merchandise & Assortment Management

Build and manage customer-centric merchandising plans.


Trusted by leaders across industry verticals

Improve alignment with strategic mix and assortment goals.

o9 Retail Mix optimization function between merchandising, assortment and demand planning

Lossless representation of network, assortment & market knowledge

Model the complete distribution and retail network with o9’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph. Include products at the level required to support all decisions. Incorporate external and unstructured information to determine the most competitive offering.

the complete distribution and retail network modelled by o9’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Data-backed performance and opportunities visibility

Review plans and investments across your products, channels and regional dimensions. Deploy AI-based analytics. Capture fast-changing customer sentiment. Make progress towards the annual plan, focused on ROI.

o9 revenue planning solutions screenshot, shows the overview of risks and opportunities for better management and planning

Pricing, Promotions and markdown Analytics

Use real-time analytics to understand the efficacy of pricing and promotional events. Deploy instant changes to capture the full potential of your assortment. Collaborate with all the stakeholders involved.

o9's Pricing, Promotions and markdown Analytics function

Real Time Scenario Planning – P&L Gap Closure, Open-to-Buy

Drive all plan review & finalization, tightly coupled to the P&L. Build alternatives to consider on the fly. Pick decisions to bring actuals inline with strategic goals. Deploy the optimal Open To Buy plans.

gap closure capability of o9's software

Responsive, Omni-channel merchandise and assortment optimization.

Use a flexible modeling framework to model variations in product flow and frequency. Support the ability to drive the right mix and assortment. Make better inventory decisions across all relevant channels (direct, offline and online).

a framework to model product flow and frequency's variations, helps get the right mix and assortment


Visualize the Future to Build Iteratively and Rapidly towards the vision. It is the practical way.

Departments: Merchandising, Store management, eCommerce, Distribution, Brand line management, Category management, Promotion & Trade.