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aim10x live Seoul in Words and Pictures

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o9 Solutions The Digital Brain Platform
o9 SolutionsThe Digital Brain Platform
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o9 Solutions’ aim10x live series continues to make waves across the globe, and its recent stop in Seoul was no exception. The event carried the torch of digital transformation to a global stage, delivering a day filled with engaging sessions and networking opportunities.

Aimed at equipping organizations for success in the digital era, aim10x live serves as a nexus for industry leaders, experts and forward-looking professionals to delve into the trends, strategies and technologies shaping the landscape of planning and decision-making.

The event location: SKY31 Convention.

aim10x live Seoul kicked off on September 5th at SKY31 Convention, a sophisticated venue atop South Korea’s tallest skyscraper, the Lotte World Tower.

The venue offered panoramic views of the Han River and the Seoul cityscape, and set the stage for a day of insightful sessions and networking. Here, attendees began connecting and sharing ideas as anticipation built.

Attendees getting acquainted before the start of the event.

Stephan de Barse, Chief Revenue Officer of o9 Solutions, kicked off the day with a keynote session highlighting the critical role of digital transformation in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

He stressed the pivotal role of planning and decision-making in supply chain management, all while emphasizing the importance of sustainable decision-making practices.

Stephan de Barse, Chief Revenue Officer of o9 Solutions.

The day continued with more keynotes hosted by global enterprises, including a session by Samsung SDS highlighting the importance of integrated planning in supply chain management.

Led by Byeongdae Choi, Digital SCM Manager at Samsung SDS, the session provided forward-looking insights into the evolving landscape of corporate management, encompassing areas such as global supply chain risk management, ESG management and AI innovation.

Byeongdae Choi, Digital SCM Manager at Samsung SDS.
The audience at SKY31 Convention.

The event provided a platform for supply chain leaders to share real stories from their digital transformation journeys. Jaemin Lee, Group Lead at Samsung Bioepis, conducted a session delving into the unique characteristics of the biopharma supply chain.

By taking into account Samsung Bioepis’ digital transformation journey, Jaemin examined the industry’s challenges, discussing the process and outcomes of the company’s supply chain transformation.

Jaemin Lee, Group Lead at Samsung Bioepis, during his keynote session.

Local artist Charlie Lee joined to capture the essence of the event through his sketches, adding a touch of creativity to a technology-focused day.

Charlie presented his sketch to Stephan de Barse as a visual memento of the event’s discussions, connections and experiences. Beyond his art, Charlie is actively building the South Korean chapter of Urban Sketchers, an international community supporting and representing local sketching enthusiasts.

Follow Charlie on Instagram: @usk_charlie

Attendees had opportunities to connect, network and build valuable relationships with fellow leaders, taking advantage of a unique platform for knowledge sharing in digital transformation.

Attendees had plenty of opportunities to connect.
Participants networking for one last time at the networking dinner.

aim10x live Seoul expanded attendees’ digital transformation horizons, strengthened by the connections formed during the event.

Networking and knowledge sharing were at the heart of this gathering, reinforcing the event series’ mission of fostering collaborative growth in planning and decision-making.

Collaboration, connection and knowledge-sharing were at the heart of the event.
The o9 Solutions team.
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