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A Visual Journey through aim10x live Singapore

Published: Reading time: 4 mino9 Solutions The Digital Brain Platform
o9 SolutionsThe Digital Brain Platform

o9 Solutions’ global event tour—aim10x live—maintains its momentum. Its latest stop in Singapore offered thought-provoking sessions, interactive workshops and unparalleled networking opportunities set against the city‘s luscious gardens.

Designed to empower organizations in the digital age, aim10x live brings together industry leaders, experts and forward-thinking professionals to explore the latest trends, strategies and technologies shaping the future of planning and decision-making.

Join us as we embark on a visual journey through aim10x live Singapore.

On June 20th, aim10x live Singapore welcomed attendees at Flower Field Hall, a unique venue nestled within the Gardens by the Bay, one of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks.

Providing a blend of natural beauty and state-of-the-art amenities, Flower Field Hall provided the perfect setting for attendees to start making connections and sharing impressions before the start of the event.

Attendees getting acquainted before the start of the event.

Schalk de Klerk, event host and Vice President at o9 Solutions, kicked off the day by welcoming everyone to the event and introducing the event’s partnership with Accenture.

He highlighted the purpose of the event by inviting attendees to make new connections and exchange knowledge, perceptions and insights.

Schalk de Klerk, event host and Vice President at o9 Solutions.
The audience at Flower Field Hall.

Stephan de Barse, Chief Revenue Officer of o9 Solutions, took center stage with a keynote session highlighting the critical role of digital transformation in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

He also emphasized the role of planning and transforming decision-making in supply chain management and the importance of sustainable decision-making.

Stephan de Barse, Chief Revenue Officer of o9 Solutions.

The event then welcomed Olympus’ Nico Neurbchen, who shared insights from the company’s digital transformation journey to drive business acceleration, improve operational capabilities and make a positive environmental impact.

Nico emphasized Olympus’ shift from a transactional and localized supply chain to an automated network that leverages real-time data for decision-making. The audience gained insights into the benefits of digital transformation, witnessing firsthand how it provided Olympus with heightened visibility into supply and demand dynamics.

Nico Neurbchen (Olympus) during his keynote session.

The event proceeded with executive panels discussing the most pressing challenges in planning and decision-making, including a session about the importance of adaptability in times of scarcity and disruption.

Panelists highlighted the need for transparent communication with customers regarding the allocation process, which builds trust and fosters collaboration. The discussion underscored the importance of resilience and optimizing decision-making processes to effectively address supply challenges.

From the left, moderator Tanguy Caillet (o9 Solutions) and panelists Roxane Desmicht (AMS Osram), Peter Campbell (Edrington) and Gautam Pal (Shell).
From the left, moderator Dr. Stijn-Pieter van Houten (o9 Solutions) and panelists Sudhan Sundaram (Accenture),
Marina Sologubova (Estée Lauder) and Sohail Singh (Google).

Continuing the momentum, the event featured collaborative workshops inviting attendees to cooperate and challenge themselves.

Highlights included exploring the essential functionalities of a control tower and how organizations can use it to sense potential disruptions. Participants were able to exchange practical strategies and discussed how control towers enable better decision-making through the generation of “what-if” scenarios.

The day included four different workshops for attendees to choose from.

After the event, attendees immersed themselves in cultural experiences around Singapore.

A gin tasting held at Singapore’s first distillery treated gin enthusiasts with an array of innovative flavors crafted by world-renowned distillers. A captivating cocktail-making workshop led by a master mixologist allowed attendees to unleash their creativity and gain insights into the intricate art of cocktail creation.

Learning about gin production at Singapore’s first distillery.
Exploring the art of cocktail-making.

Throughout the event, attendees were able to connect, network and forge valuable relationships with fellow professionals, fostering a sense of shared experience.

Schalk de Klerk, the event host, expressed his gratitude to all attendees for joining and contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the event. He emphasized the value of the aim10x live event series, and how it connects planning and decision-making leaders, ultimately enabling an environment of knowledge sharing in digital transformation.

Participants networking for one last time at the networking dinner.
The closing dinner at Sol y Luna offered unparalleled views of Singapore.
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