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New Product Introduction (NPI) Software

Introduce new products
with a holistic view

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Trusted by leaders across industry verticals

Balance market needs versus operations complexity.

Increase success of new product introduction with smoother launches and transitions. Optimize your product portfolio range with Advanced Segmentation, Analytics and Scenario Planning capabilities. Use cross-functional planning and collaborate across Product, Marketing, Sales & Supply Chain functions.

o9’s NPI software shows a comprehensive view of the New Product Introduction planning process.

Addressing common problems by creating placeholder SKUs before the product is created in the ERP system. Using like products and various planning parameters it can generate a new product forecast and determine the cannibalization impact of the new product.

Top reasons

Why customers choose o9

Ability to model placeholder product
To support NPI planning, the Enterprise Knowledge Graph provides the ability to model placeholder products that get built out progressively to fully realized new product plans in the S&OP horizon.

Streamline new product launches.
Enable automation and data-driven insights to manage high complexity tasks for large numbers of products without adding costs to sales and operations.

New Product Initiative plans are collaborated on by Product Management, Sales and other relevant functions, before being sent to systems of record. Assumptions can be stored at different levels of granularity.

Analytics-driven NPI / EOL Workflows
Use attribute-based planning and lifecycle profiles to generate a baseline forecast for new products. Apply future building blocks to further refine the NPI forecast. End of life inventory risk analysis and phase out recommendations.”

Compare Product Transition Scenarios.
Leverage scenario planning capabilities to understand impacts on the product portfolio, including cannibalization effects, and make product transition decisions.

Post-Launch Monitoring
Integrate launch performance feedback by combining various internal and external data into meaningful signals. Ability to store learnings and critical success factors contributing to launching for future reference.

Use cases

With o9 New Product Introduction planning customers can take product innovation to a new level

  • Like Item based on hierarchy, like for like products, and attribute-based or cross-season clustering
  • New Product Ideation Collaboration with NPI Business Case Management – Stage-Gate Process
  • Build a culture for Analytics powered NPI Develop deeper institutional knowledge to support NPI programs”
  • Cross-Functional NPI plans (R&D / Supply Chain / Sales) including NPI Programs System of Record, Communication & Collaboration
  • Define Ramp up and ramp down curves during the transition period and modify the forecast
  • Launch Date and Transition Scenario Planning along with Sell out forecasting

Plan better. Reduce waste. Create an efficient business for a better planet.

o9’s next-generation demand planning software capabilities are helping global enterprises improve forecast accuracy, which directly correlates to better plans and improved financial performance. And when a business plans better, it creates operational efficiencies that significantly reduce wastage.

The integrated planning efficiencies delivered by o9 is helping corporations do more, be more and mean more, internally and to the world at large.

Introduce new products with a holistic view. Leverage the o9 Digital Brain in your business.

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