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o9 Sustainability

Supplier Collaboration

o9’s powerful EKG patented technology is expanding to tackle our clients’ sustainability needs.

Trusted by leaders across industry verticals

Leverage supplier collaboration to increase primary data collection, understand multi-tier supply networks, increase accuracy of environmental data and achieve supply chain transparency

No single party has all the required data points covering business processes and supply chains end-to-end. To close this gap, our solution enables the exchange of sustainability data and collaboration via supplier and business networks

Key benefits of supplier collaboration

Engage in collaborative planning with your upstream and downstream supply chain partners to systematically collect data in an automated / semi-automated way, share knowledge and improve efficiency

  • Acquire materials and process primary data to enhance reliability
  • Easily collect sustainability data from suppliers in collaboration with colleagues from different departments, locations and subsidiaries, instead of having to manually collect and consolidate it
  • Overcome issues of siloed environmental data that is disconnected from core enterprise planning and execution systems.
  • Maximize transparency throughout the supply chain for leaders, employees, and other stakeholders

Key capabilities

Sustainable supply chain transformation cannot be achieved by individual companies acting alone—collective action is needed to drive systemic change.

This implies the need for far greater levels of collaboration, data sharing, co-investment and co-innovation among supply chain participants. Leverage our supplier collaboration capabilities for information sharing and collaborative planning to improve visibility and alignment across your entire supply network.

Share data and forecasts with suppliers

Eliminate needless uncertainty in your supply chain and reduce manual effort by automatically sharing sustainability data with suppliers.

Gain insights on the multi-tier supply networks

Understand the true bottlenecks by analyzing the sustainability footprint across the multi-echelon supply networks.

Monitor and analyze sustainability performance

Monitor supplier sustainability performance to drive progress. Proactively identify and resolve exceptions. Recognize the advancements towards net zero or zero waste of key players in supply chain through initiative tracking.

Leverage sustainability expertise

Combine sustainability expertise by setting up effective supply chain collaboration and knowledge sharing with key suppliers.

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What our leaders say

Chakri GotemukkalaCEO and co-founder — o9 Solutions

Sustainability is at the center of our vision and mission at o9. We are focused on transforming planning and decision-making. We add value to our clients through the ability to understand the environmental footprint across a multi-tier supply chain and then take surgical actions to improve.

Sanjiv SidhuChairman and co-founder — o9 Solutions

Enterprises are one of the largest consumers of the Earth’s precious resources. If your planning processes are poor, you use many more resources than you need. IBP is key to ending this practice and meeting your company’s goals. It is both smart for your business and positive for the planet.

Igor RikaloPresident and COO — o9 Solutions

At o9, we understand the deep connection between sustainability and optimal supply chain performance. We’re excited to open the o9 platform up to a rapidly growing market for sustainability solutions and fulfill our mission of creating sustainable supply chains for the largest of organizations.

Stanton ThomasSenior Vice President of Sustainability — o9 Solutions

With our Sustainability Solutions embedded in the o9 platform, we are uniquely positioned with powerful value chain modeling technology and a complete sustainable data management capability. Expanding our capabilities for managing ESG metrics and KPIs marks an essential milestone in o9’s product evolution.

Stephan de BarseExecutive Vice President — o9 Solutions

A first in the supply chain software space, o9’s Sustainability Solutions helps organizations link sustainability metrics and performance to their planning and decision-making processes. Our new solution will drive organizations toward sustainable operating models.