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Supply Chain Master Planning

Optimized Demand/Supply balancing across end-to-end Supply Chain

Trusted by leaders across industry verticals

Provide real-time commitments, cost-to-serve and demand shaping guidance to various demand scenarios to support an agile S&OP process.

Powered by a Digital “Supply Chain Knowledge Graph” model, with advanced data management, high performance demand/supply match solvers, rapid what-if scenario planning capabilities, o9’s Supply Chain Master Planning makes your supply chain more agile and cost effective in responding to market demand

Top reasons organizations are upgrading their Supply Chain Master Planning capabilities

Supply Chain Master Data
Poor quality of master data related to supply chain network, lead times, constraints, costs is resulting in poor plans.

Synchronized Plans
Silo-ed plans across distribution, manufacturing and procurement resulting in excess inventory and costs when demand changes.

Rapid What-ifs
Unable to provide real-time supportability and cost-to-serve answers to different demand and supply scenarios.

Black box optimization
Inability to control inputs and explain outputs resulting in loss of trust and manual overrides of plans

A supply chain digital twin made by o9 Supply chain planning solutions

Use cases favored by our clients

  • “Supply Chain Knowledge Graph” powered Data Management
  • Accurate Inventory visibility across end to end network
  • Business Strategy Driven Demand Prioritization/Allocation Rules
  • Intelligent Forecast & Order Netting
  • Optimal Demand / Supply Match Algorithms with Industry specific capabilities
  • Demand Supportability Analysis helping with Constraints Visibility & Real Time What-Ifs
  • Supply Shortage Real Time Scenario Analysis
  • Excess Inventory & Under Utilized Capacity Analysis towards Demand Shaping

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