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Consumer Pricing and Promotions Management Software

Boost sales and profit growth across your consumer goods portfolio

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Maximize your business’ net profit and market share by strategically identifying the right price to sell your products, when to promote them, and for how long.

Setting the right price and executing the right promotions can positively impact your sales and brand loyalty.

However, the planning process can be challenging when managing a broad product range and varying consumer segments at different store locations—insight from across the supply chain help to develop an effective and dynamic pricing strategy. Few trade promotion management tools can handle this complexity and create a dynamic pricing strategy at scale.

Fully integrated revenue planning hub to meet sales and profit targets

o9 provides full trade promotion management, evaluation, planning, and optimization capabilities in a unified platform.

Ensure that every decision-maker has full visibility of all commercial initiatives, investments, and accurate P&L simulations to consistently beat targets. With the o9 Enterprise Knowledge Graph, internal and external data sources are seamlessly connected. Each phase of the trade promotion life-cycle is digitally connected to create a closed decision-making loop.

With o9, you can access past promotions to simulate performance outcomes or identify and incorporate any opportunities missed into your plans. Quickly pinpoint the best product pricing tactics and promotions to launch. All the insight needed to make well-informed decisions will be at your fingertips to boost your business’s overall profit and market share.

Top reasons

Why customers choose o9 for their Consumer Pricing and Promotions Management strategies

Access real-time competitive price intelligence
Advanced analytics and AI-supported sequencing review existing industry-specific pricing to understand how competitors price similar products. This provides users the competitive advantage to swiftly plan for sudden price changes.

Identifying optimal pricing strategy using granular data integration
o9’s aggregation of internal and external data sources allows users to predict changing consumer demand and purchasing behavior. This enables users to effectively simulate value-based pricing strategies to generate an optimal net profit.

Pinpoint opportunity gaps to strategically launch successful promotions
See how price changes impact consumer engagement and influence their purchase decisions using o9’s scenario planning. In combination with o9’s easy access to historical promotion performance data and promotion calendar, users can identify which promotion to launch, when to launch it, and for how long.

Track performance and make in-flight changes to plans
o9’s P&L performance tracking tools give you quick visibility of how pricing and promotion plans meet sales and profit targets. Make swift changes to your business planning and strategize for optimal uplift of your products.

Use cases

o9’s Consumer Pricing and Promotions Management capabilities integrate market data with predicting, planning, and tracking tools to manage P&L performance of your products.

  • Point of trade promotion analysis
  • ROI and P&L impact performance tracking
  • Real uplift vs. cannibalization (non-promoted product purchases) analysis
  • Pantry-loading tracking of purchases made only during promotions
  • Estimate accurate net uplift across product categories
  • Simulate and optimize list price elasticities of different products in a category
  • System of record for visibility of previous pricing and promotion performance

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