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Sustainabilityo9 Sustainability

o9 Sustainability Solutions

o9’s powerful EKG patented technology is expanding to tackle our clients' sustainability needs.

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Indorama Ventures
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Indorama Ventures
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At o9, we believe that not all first steps are small.
Let’s walk this journey together and redefine how your organization makes decisions for a more sustainable supply chain and planet.

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Sustainable Supply Chains: Mapping the Path

Turn the tide toward resilience, efficiency, and a greener future

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The o9 Digital Brain and Supply Chain Sustainability

Supply chain management and sustainability are integral components of a common process

At o9, we realize supply chain management and sustainability are not separate activities; they must be practiced as integral components of a common process.

Why choose o9 Sustainability Solutions


A cloud-native platform that allows for scalability with an open architecture and process streamlining

Single source of truth

Harmonize, validate, cleanse and integrate multi-source sustainability data into the digital twin to create a single source of truth

Aligned objectives

Create optimal and feasible supply plans using o9 solvers from demand/supply matching aligned with sustainability business objectives and targets



Sustainability databases

Real-time connection to databases to drive environmental footprint calculations and improve accuracy

Multi-tier visibility

Multi-tier supply chain visibility to identify ESG risk, analyze impacts and assess mitigation options

Scenario modeling

Strategic scenario modeling to achieve your environmental goals and reduce complexity when evaluating the cost-performance of different initiatives

Next-generation platform is here

Next-generation platform is here

An extension of the o9 Digital Brain to achieve a sustainable transformation

In the coming years, companies will have the added objective of driving their supply chains towards more sustainable operating models.

To do so, the digital twin model can extend to embody standards-based sustainability dimensions, measures, and KPIs.

- Sustainability
- Revenue
- Finance
- Supply Chain
- Market Knowledge
- Demand Knowledge

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Achieve sustainable supply chain transformation


The benefits of a sustainability focus in supply chain operations are clear and measurable. Read our report.

What we are solving for

Sustainability is complex.
Our solutions are designed to help your company overcome these barriers.

Increase visibility

o9 helps solve issues around limited visibility. Our solution identifies key environmental impact data within supply chains and presents a roadmap for mitigation initiatives.


Higher fidelity

Companies struggle with fidelity when mapping environmental impact data, relying on assumptions and secondary data. o9 seamlessly acquires, validates, cleanses, and harmonizes ESG data into the EKG model to inform more accurate decision-making.


Link siloed data

Siloed sustainability data is mostly disconnected from core enterprise planning, execution systems, and business strategies. o9 connects sustainability data with core supply chain planning objectives in a single platform.


Adapt to changing regulation

Organizations need the capacity to respond rapidly to changing compliance and regulation. o9 makes companies agile to changing requirements while still meeting operational performance objectives.

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Trusted by the world’s leading companies

company-Dr. Athina Kanioura

"So with IBP, what we are achieving now is one single source of truth. Everyone aligns behind one number, with the ultimate accountability for IBP being the general manager. So you take the power out of the functions and give it to the general manager to run the business as they see fit, which is unbelievable."

Dr. Athina Kanioura
Dr. Athina KaniouraChief Strategy and Transformation Officer
company-Brady Coady

"o9 is moving the team’s workload and energy away from executing mundane, tedious tasks like determining how many units of each SKU go to each store every single week. We're moving them upstream into preseason planning, into developing strategy, and then the system executes automatically."

Brady Coady
Brady CoadyAssociate Vice President of Allocations and Merchandise
company-Bill Grah

"The o9 platform makes our decision-making much faster. It’s also giving us a better and deeper understanding of the analytics, the cost of decisions, and now when we make those decisions, there’s a much higher degree of confidence that we actually execute."

Bill Grah
Bill GrahDirector of S&OP
company-Vijay Guliam

"Our goal is to achieve 80% of touchless operations. What we mean by that is taking away a lot of the manual operations, enabling automation [...] Through the work with o9, we've eliminated them, and now these manual operations are mostly a thing of the past."

Vijay Guliam
Vijay GuliamHead of Technical Programs
company-Chris Fink

"We are seeing about a 50% scrap reduction. And that is driven by the fact that we have a line of sight now to our customer forecasts, and we're making decisions to avoid bringing in excess inventory or inventory we don't need."

Chris Fink
Chris FinkGlobal Supply Chain Manager

o9 seamlessly embeds sustainable metrics and processes into supply chain planning

Streamline environmental data acquisition and gain end-to-end visibility of your entire value chain’s environmental impact

Enhance supplier collaboration to increase primary data collection and achieve more accuracy of the environmental metrics and supply chain transparency

Increase resilience by visualizing your n-tier supplier network and their ESG scores, and identify risks through real-time alerts to inform procurement decision-making

Boost your supply chain plans by adding environmental metrics to your decision-making. Forecast by understanding the trade-off between cost, service level, and environmental impact

Achieve goals by evaluating CapEx carbon, water, and waste reduction initiatives. Make optimal decisions with real-time planning and understand the cost performance of various initiatives

Move from the linear ‘take, make, waste’ model towards more circular operational business processes with our NPI and planning capabilities


Explore related solutions powered by the o9 Digital Brain


Explore related solutions powered by the o9 Digital Brain

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. International standards define our criteria. We compute a range of sustainability KPIs and track them against set targets. We then balance these with conventional supply chain KPIs.

Yes. Customization is an essential element of the platform architecture because companies in different industry sectors have varying requirements and use different combinations of standards.

Standards-based sustainability measures are seamlessly integrated with the existing digital twin model to optimize sustainability KPIs with traditional performance indicators.

Existing platforms available on the market today can be characterized as point solutions that exist outside of the core enterprise systems that companies use to manage their operations and supply chains.

To fill this gap, we have extended our core supply chain modeling technology including sustainability metrics and KPIs as optimization variables in a single platform.

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What our
leaders say

62614dc5e554ed80f432267f sanjiv v2

Enterprises are one of the largest consumers of the Earth’s precious resources. If your planning processes are poor, you use many more resources than you need. IBP is key to ending this practice and meeting your company’s goals. It is both smart for your business and positive for the planet.

Sanjiv Sidhu
Sanjiv SidhuChairman and co-founder — o9 Solutions
Stephan debarse

A first in the supply chain software space, o9’s Sustainability Solutions helps organizations link sustainability metrics and performance to their planning and decision-making processes. Our new solution will drive organizations toward sustainable operating models.

Stephan de Barse
Stephan de BarseExecutive Vice President — o9 Solutions