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:o9 Sustainability Solutions

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Up to 90% of the negative environmental impact of companies lies in their value chains and the dire effects of inaction are already here. The time to take action is now.

Historically, supply chain sustainability has been addressed as a disconnected, forensic exercise focused on quantifying annual performance in response to bad press. Legacy supply networks weren’t built to proactively monitor sustainability KPIs and influence the decisions that make supply chains greener and more equitable. This approach is no longer viable.

:o9’s Sustainability Solutions natively and seamlessly embeds sustainable processes and metrics into best-in-class supply chain planning.

Build sustainability into your core supply chain planning with the o9 platform

Our industry-leading software digitally transforms operations to address the end-to-end environmental and social footprint of your organization.

Track, measure, and manage ESG metrics at every level of supplier through to the end customer. Gain the predictive intelligence and prescriptive decision recommendations that will help reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and meet targets on the path to net zero.

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The benefits of a sustainability focus in supply chain operations are clear and measurable.

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Top reasons

Why customers choose :o9 Sustainability Solutions

Multi-tier supplier visualization identifies ESG risk and enables real-time what-if scenarios

Allows real-time connection to databases to feed environmental calculations and improve accuracy

Create optimal, feasible and sustainable supply plans using :o9 solvers for demand/supply matching aligned with ESG business objectives

Enables real-time scenario planning and automated scenario modeling, optimizing human capital

Cloud native platform that allows scalability

Has an open architecture and a friendly user interface and experience


  1. End-to-end visibility and environmental footprint measurement
  2. Measure and track progress towards net zero
  3. Industry/product benchmarking to identify best practices gaps
  4. ESG risk detection and sustainable direct materials procurement
  5. Operational scenario planning to guide sustainable supply chain transformation
  6. Strategic scenario planning to evaluate sustainability CapEx investment opportunities
  7. ESG data management for a harmonized single source of truth
  8. Circular operational planning for optimized reuse, recovery and recycling

At o9, we believe that not all first steps are small. Let’s walk this journey together and redefine how your organization makes decisions for a more sustainable supply chain and planet.

Because planning impacts your P&L and the planet.

o9 Solutions is a leading AI-powered platform for enterprise-level integrated business planning and decision-making. The o9 Digital Brain platform seamlessly embeds ESG metrics and KPIs into best-in-class supply chain planning. o9 Solutions brings together technology innovations including graph-based enterprise modeling, big data analytics, and advanced AI/ML algorithms that allow companies to build a live digital model of their entire supply chain and gain end-to-end visibility of relevant sustainability dimensions to uncover ESG-related risks and find opportunities to improve ESG-driven planning and decision-making across the enterprise.