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:o9 Sustainable
Supply Chain Management Platform

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Supply chains are the largest contributors of negative environmental impact to our planet. Technology can walk us back from the edge.

Historically, supply chain sustainability has been addressed as a disconnected, forensic exercise focused on quantifying annual performance in response to bad press. Legacy supply networks weren’t built to proactively monitor sustainability KPIs and influence the decisions that make supply chains greener and more equitable. This approach is no longer viable.

o9 is creating a platform that natively and seamlessly embeds sustainable processes and metrics into best-in-class supply chain planning.

Sustainability done better with the o9 platform

Our industry-leading software digitally transforms operations to address the end-to-end environmental, social, and governance footprint of your organization.

Track, measure, and manage ESG metrics at every level of supplier through to the end customer. Gain the predictive intelligence and prescriptive decision recommendations that will help reduce your carbon footprint.

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Sustainable supply chains can have significant benefits for your business.

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Top reasons

Why customers choose o9

Proactively identify, manage, and mitigate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk across your entire organization through standards-based metrics and KPIs.

Align enterprise planning, operational processes, and sustainability performance metrics in real-time through an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) platform.

Ensure continued commitment to decision-making during times of volatility and disruption using a digital twin with improved transparency and traceability.

Improved connectivity and visibility provided by the digital twin embodied with ESG metrics transforms data into knowledge, knowledge into insight, insight into action.

Capitalize on opportunities in your market through innovation, creating new environmentally friendly products, reduce environmental impacts, and cementing relationships with investors, regulators and customers.

Proactively identify sustainability and ESG gaps in your operations, and easily pivot to respond to emerging governmental regulations and standards

Plan better. Create an efficient supply chain. Make the planet a healthy place to live

The o9 Sustainability Supply Chain Management capabilities have been built by a team of sustainability, supply chain, and technology experts who have decades of experience across numerous industries. They have a driving passion for enabling organizations to have a positive impact on the planet through technology. Their expertise ensures our software will drive real impact in your business.