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Supply Sensing™ Software

Predict Supply Disruptions and Mitigate the Impact on your Supply Plan

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Predict, Assess and Mitigate Supply Disruptions across a 12-month time horizon

In the wake of an unprecedented number of disruptions, Supply chain leaders need to understand the key factors that could lead to a Supply disruption or cost shock.

o9 is the only platform that can map the potential impact of external events to Tier 1-3 suppliers across a 12-month time frame and recommend potential mitigation actions specific to the customer’s Supply Chain.

Monitor key events and estimate the probability of these events affecting Supply reliability.

With o9 leverage Machine Learning (ML) to understand key drivers that could affect Supply reliability. Monitor these drivers and estimate the evolving probability of events occurring. Predict the potential outcomes of these events on cost, service, and quality and leverage scenario planning to mitigate these supply risks and cost shocks.

Top reasons

Why customers choose o9’s Supply Sensing to build resilience into their Supply Chains

Ability to monitor 2000+ external and internal drivers, including agricultural yields, weather, and the employment index

The only software provider that predicts Supply risks further upstream than Tier 1 suppliers in the Medium-Long Term (3-12 months)

Localizes macro-level shocks to a Customer’s Supply Chain and recommends scenario planning within their core Supply Chain Planning system

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