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o9 Sustainability

Environmental Footprint

o9’s powerful EKG patented technology is expanding to tackle our clients’ sustainability needs.

Trusted by leaders across industry verticals

Gain end-to-end visibility of your companies’ supply chain environmental footprint with o9 Sustainability Solutions

For most enterprises, their largest environmental impacts occur within the supply chain. Therefore, the majority of emissions, energy and water consumption, and waste production are outside of their direct control.

With o9, enterprises can take action to gain greater visibility into their impact across the supply chain, and to better manage and improve their overall sustainability performance.

Up to 90% of the negative environmental impact of companies lies in their value chains, and the dire effects of inaction are already here. The time to take action is now.

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Building resilient and sustainable supply chains has become a key priority for companies in every industry, and every region of the world.

o9 Environmental Footprint offers visibility across the end to end supply chain to:

  • Gain insights required to comply with new regulations
  • Safeguard your business license to operate
  • Measure and value environmental dimensions quickly and effectively
  • Accelerate the shift toward an inclusive, low-carbon, and circular economy
  • Meet stakeholder expectations and cut costs
  • Improve decision-making with corporate sustainability reporting

The Environmental Footprint leverages o9’s Digital twin model visualization, systematizes sustainability data acquisition, process tracking, data validation and uses market intelligence emissions factor data retrieval to provide a single source of truth for your companies’ supply chain.

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Enabling our customers
to measure, track and inform fast, high-quality decisions

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Key differentiators:

  • Automate environmental footprint data acquisition from company sources
  • Systematize data management for a single source of truth with process tracking
  • Hierarchy relationships to visualize various levels of granularity
  • Market intelligence emissions factor data retrieval
  • Validation of data
  • Analytics engine to build up dashboards
  • Digital twin model visualization with integrated environmental footprint data


Key capabilities of o9 Environmental Footprint

Sustainability Data Integration

Source data from o9 and non-o9 applications and integrate business activity and master data from o9 Digital Twin into a central sustainability data hub

Enterprise Environmental Footprint Calculation

o9 end-to-end business mapping processes are extended to embed environmental footprint information covering greenhouse gas emissions (including scopes 1, 2 and 3), energy, waste and water metrics.

Calculate and track environmental footprint for the entire enterprise supply chain.

Measure both the positive and negative impacts of your business activity that result in balanced decisions and a holistic business outlook.

Product Environmental Footprint Calculation

Maintain environmental footprint templates for purchased direct materials including the association of materials using emission factors from life cycle assessment data to enable bottom-up calculations

Derive accurate product footprints to serve multiple needs including reliably reporting product environmental footprint information to stakeholders, integrating this information into the product design process, and linking product footprint metrics to forward planning and decision support

o9’s detailed process modeling capabilities enable manufacturers to develop product life cycle inventories at a deeper level of granularity using combinations of primary and model-based data

GraphCube analytics capability provides for the aggregation and disaggregation of data across the product hierarchy, enabling manufactures to analyze and compare product environmental KPIs across products, product categories and groups, and by financial metrics such as margin contribution

Emission Factor Management

Import emission factors from 3rd party databases, and on a product level from life cycle assessment data to calculate footprints at scale across the entire product inventory.

Industry / product Benchmarking

Compare your company performance to your peers, conduct internal benchmarking to identify sites, and product high offenders to identify best practice gaps.

Target setting and Reporting

Improve sustainability reporting, transparency, and performance through holistic steering and standards-based templates for reporting

Build trust with sustainability reporting along multiple standards such as GRI, GHG Protocol, ISO, SASB, CDP, TCFD and more


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What our leaders say

Chakri GotemukkalaCEO and co-founder — o9 Solutions

Sustainability is at the center of our vision and mission at o9. We are focused on transforming planning and decision-making. We add value to our clients through the ability to understand the environmental footprint across a multi-tier supply chain and then take surgical actions to improve.

Sanjiv SidhuChairman and co-founder — o9 Solutions

Enterprises are one of the largest consumers of the Earth’s precious resources. If your planning processes are poor, you use many more resources than you need. IBP is key to ending this practice and meeting your company’s goals. It is both smart for your business and positive for the planet.

Igor RikaloPresident and COO — o9 Solutions

At o9, we understand the deep connection between sustainability and optimal supply chain performance. We’re excited to open the o9 platform up to a rapidly growing market for sustainability solutions and fulfill our mission of creating sustainable supply chains for the largest of organizations.

Stanton ThomasSenior Vice President of Sustainability — o9 Solutions

With our Sustainability Solutions embedded in the o9 platform, we are uniquely positioned with powerful value chain modeling technology and a complete sustainable data management capability. Expanding our capabilities for managing ESG metrics and KPIs marks an essential milestone in o9’s product evolution.

Stephan de BarseExecutive Vice President — o9 Solutions

A first in the supply chain software space, o9’s Sustainability Solutions helps organizations link sustainability metrics and performance to their planning and decision-making processes. Our new solution will drive organizations toward sustainable operating models.