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Brands & Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Sense risks and opportunities earlier. Make integrated decisions faster.

With EKG powered solutions, transform Supply Chain, Revenue and IBP capabilities to manage digital age complexity and volatility.

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Revenue / Commercial
Management Solutions

Departments: CRO, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Product Management, Demand Planners

Transform your Revenue Game with Digital Powers. Drive Growth and hit the Plan consistently.

Sense, analyze and shape activities to optimize your revenue potential.

Powered by real-time Market knowledge and AI powered Analytics, o9’s Revenue Management solutions help commercial organizations align Marketing, Pricing, Sales and New product initiatives and resources to market opportunities.

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Supply Chain
Management Solutions

Departments: Chief Supply Chain Officers, Demand/Supply Planning, Production, Procurement, Logistics

Transform Your Supply Chain game with Digital Powers. Delight customers at optimal costs and inventory.

Powered by a ‘Digital Supply Chain Twin”, o9 delivers Real time Visibility, Cost-to-Serve Analytics, Fast Demand/Supply Match Algorithms and Scenario Planning capabilities to demand and supply faster.

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Planning (IBP) Solutions

Departments: CRO, CSCO, BU/P&L Owner, Finance

Move from static powerpoint IBP meetings to a live IBP platform. Align cross-functional plans to market needs like a champ.

With Digital IBP solutions, o9 delivers real time visibility into plan vs. forecast gaps, gap closure actions,.P&L impacts of different scenarios so that collaboration, decisioning and alignment is faster, simpler.

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