Transition to true Integrated Business Planning

Learn how supply chain leaders are moving into next-gen Integrated Business Planning.

Challenges Supply Chain
leaders are facing today

Supply chain leadership teams, especially those in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, frequently grapple with the same fundamental problems that limit their ability to provide timely and accurate answers, ultimately impacting customer satisfaction and business performance.

Earlier detection of demand and supply risks and opportunities.

A better understanding of the root causes of performance gaps to plan.

Conducting near real-time scenario planning and to evaluate P&L impact.

Driving fact-based decisions, accountability, and execution.

It’s time for
digital IBP

These problems occur under a variety of business scenarios CPG companies are experiencing, e.g.,

Closing gaps between actual performance and the Annual Operating Plan (AOP) for strategic product categories
Dealing with supply constraints preventing fulfillment of demand of the most strategic category
Managing volatility in market conditions, i.e., inflation, raw material price increase, commodity shortage, demand fluctuation, etc.

Solving these problems and getting better outcomes starts with transitioning to next-generation integrated business planning.

See how one of the world’s largest CPG companies is already using this technology to future-proof their IBP process.


Driving business outcomes with IBP

A single, cloud-based platform enables a cross-functional and analytics-driven IBP process that drives better business outcomes across Commercial, Supply Chain and Finance.

1. Commercial IBP identifies gaps between forecasts and actual performance, including against the annual operating plan, and simulates commercial gap closure activities.

2. Supply chain IBP examines supply supportability of various commercial scenarios, reviewing supply policy and developing supply risk what-if simulations.

3. Executive/Finance IBP operates with two objectives:
a. Review all the identified scenarios, including the P&L impact, and approve the action plan
b. Review the executive business plan, including commercial, supply, and financial reviews

The o9 Digital Brain uniquely brings the capabilities of next-gen IBP, including:

The executive IBP review run entirely within the platform, with live data.

Forward-looking analytics, such as revenue and margin scenario analysis vs. AOP.

Full integration of commercial plans, demand forecasts and external drivers into one view of unconstrained demand.

Demand/supply matching and live scenario-planning capabilities to evaluate alternative plans.

Full financial view of the plan to align with the general management to drive cross-functional alignment.

Next-generation IBP delivers real results

Next-Gen IBP speeds up planning, improves process efficiency, and automates and synchronizes decision-making across the enterprise. Talent strategy, analytics, and technology come together to reshape the business by elevating the effectiveness of human intervention when needed.

See next-generation IBP for yourself

Global supply chain leaders already see firsthand what next-generation IBP can do for their business.
To see for yourself:

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