o9 Digital Brain for Personal Care

A multi-level marketing company in beauty, household, and personal care categories. It belongs in the largest direct selling enterprises in the world.

This company was unable to sense demand and supply disruptions and to adequately respond to those disruptions. Moreover, there was a large disconnect between the commercial, financial, and supply chain functions and no ability to conduct real-time scenario planning.

Sustainability Impact

Reduction of product waste and inventory.

Business Scope Challenges

Demand & Supply Sensing

The company was unable to sense demand/supply disruptions in the supply chain in a timely manner. Furthermore, they were unable to translate and evaluate these disruptions in order to provide a real-time response.


With the o9 Control Tower, they were able to spot risks and opportunities much faster due to the ability to connect to many (unstructured) internal and external data sources. The o9 platform has helped to sense, translate, and evaluate those risks and opportunities. Thus, advising users on what to do in order to solve the sensed disruptions.

Scenario Planning

The company was unable to conduct real-time scenario planning and could not evaluate the financial impact of scenarios. Furthermore, they lacked the ability to evaluate the supply chain supportability of the different scenarios.


With o9’s differentiated platform supported by the Enterprise Knowledge Graph, the company can now conduct scenario planning and evaluate the full P&L impact. This includes real-time supply chain supportability.

Planning in Silos

The marketing, sales, finance, and supply
chain functions were operating in relative
silos, having their own assumptions and
versions of the truth.


With o9 as their differentiated collaborative platform for Integrated Business Planning, the company is able to drive more fact-based decision-making, enabling faster execution and better accountability.

Value Delivery

Key Functionalities Implemented

The o9 Enterprise Knowledge Graph is used to sense and respond to demand and supply disruptions in real time. This allows for running the entire Control Tower and IBP processes on a single integrated collaborative platform, bringing one single source of truth.

Systems Replaced

Blue Yonder & Excel

Customer Benefits

Success Factors — 3 reasons why o9 was selected

  1. o9’s highly differentiated Enterprise Knowledge Graph allows for intelligent planning across time horizons.
  2. The ability to bring the various functions (sales, marketing, finance, supply chain) together enabled better and faster decision-making.
  3. The highly skilled o9 team was willing to roll up their sleeves, having a strong DNA match with the company.

KPI Impacted

  1. Faster response to risks and opportunities resulted in an improvement of top-line sales and a reduction of inventories.
  2. Better and faster decision-making resulted in increased productivity.
  3. Reduction of non-standard supply chain costs (flex, expedites, alternative sourcing) through better planning.

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