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Industry Report

Tackling meat processing complexity with next-gen planning

  • Learn how meat processing companies can address the inherent complexity of their supply chains through advanced planning.
Mondelez International
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Mondelez International
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Gordon Food Service
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Best practices for managing meat processing supply chains:

One End-to-End Planning Platform

All planning processes run on a single platform, fully integrated, breaking functional silos across the meat processing value chain.

Digital Integrated Business Planning

Monthly S&OP processes leverage an integrated, collaborative platform, aligning all horizons and functions to one single plan.

AI/ML Driven Demand Forecasting and Shaping

Demand planning activities use AI/ML to connect to leading market indicators and synchronize supply chain plans with commercial initiatives.



Next-Generation Meat Processing Optimization

Operational and tactical production planning combine heuristic and linear programming solvers, with real-time scenario analysis to improve decision making.

End-to-End Supply Chain Control Tower

Detect and respond to short-term demand and supply disruptions for real-time response and decision making (S&OE)

Collaborative, AI/ML Driven Livestock Planning & Supply Sensing

Livestock planning uses AI/ML forecasting techniques to improve long-range forecast accuracy and sense supply disruptions, and digital collaboration with farmer/grower to improve procurement decisions

Common meat processing industry challenges that we have identified

Common meat processing industry challenges that we have identified

Volatile supply and rising input costs

Price volatility and availability of inputs is impacting profitability, causing unprofitable pricing and making advanced planning and margin decisions challenging

Meat processing complexity

Product BOMs span several levels, with many alternate options at each level, leading to millions of records

Global supply chain regulations with increased distribution challenges

Strong compliance rules and regulations to manage shelf-life, batches and import/export product flows across borders for global distribution

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Access our tailored content to understand better how o9 can help Meat and Poultry Processing organizations with our best-in-class capabilities, like AI/ML Demand Forecasting & Sensing, Advanced Supply Planning, S&OP/IBP, and Control Tower


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