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December 7, 2023

How o9 Solutions is helping Arla Foods transform its revenue management

Tuomas Penttinen, Head of Revenue Management Function at Arla Foods, discusses how o9 Solutions is helping the dairy cooperative transform its revenue management operations. He explains how o9's platform is providing Arla with a single point of truth for all commercial data, and how this is enabling the company to make better-informed decisions about pricing, promotion, and other revenue management levers. Penttinen also discusses the challenges of change management and the importance of data democratization in the digital transformation journey.

Key takeaways:

  • Arla is embarking on a massive program to transform its commercial digital transformation.
  • o9 Solutions is the technology partner that Arla has chosen to help with this transformation.
  • Arla has a lot of existing capabilities that it is enhancing and bringing into a digital world.
  • The company is also bringing its colleagues on board and co-designing the platform together.
  • The biggest challenges that Arla faces are change management and data integration.
  • The key benefits of consolidating the view on different levers in revenue management are that it will help Arla to talk the same language as its customers and see the category as a whole rather than as an individual element of the business.
  • Arla's guiding North Star is to be the true number one partner for its customers and consumers.
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