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Multi-echelon inventory optimization software

Generate optimal inventory targets across the entire supply chain

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Perform inventory planning and optimization across the entire supply chain

Inventory plays an essential role in buffering against uncertainties and enabling push-pull models. But how much inventory to hold is a trade-off between customer service and inventory carrying costs. MEIO calculates the optimal inventory level at multiple locations in the supply chain by considering uncertainties in demand/forecasts, supply, lead time, and interdependencies across the network.

“Multi Echelon Inventory Optimization Tool That Actually Works In Real Life”

Optimize by supply chain segments

Differentiated service levels can be optimized by supply chain segment so that top-selling and/or strategic products or customers get higher service levels than other product and customer segments.

Top reasons

Why customers choose o9 for their MEIO

Continuous inventory target recommendations to adapt your inventory policies in real-time based on actual service level, historical OTIF, and changes in demand and lead time variability.

Optimal service level recommendations determined by balancing inventory holding costs vs. lost margin

Live scenario planning and inventory rebalancing with a full financial view. Ability to change any supply chain policy, cost, or other parameters in a scenario.

Master data continuously updated by analyzing actual transactions, improving the quality of the MEIO recommendation.

Plan better. Reduce waste. Create an efficient business for a better planet.

o9’s next-generation MEIO software capabilities are helping global enterprises improve planning accuracy, which leads to better plans and improved financial performance. And when a business plans better, it creates operational efficiencies that significantly reduce wastage.

The integrated planning efficiencies delivered by o9 is helping corporations do more, be more and mean more, internally and to the world at large.

Simulate and understand the impact of change in demand, service level, or lead time on inventory and cost

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