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Retail softlines

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The Age of “never normal” is driving the Digital Transformation of retail softlines.

Common retail softlines
challenges by role

  • “Changing consumer preferences with the move towards sustainability, casual and leisure wear and locally sourced materials challenging selling model.”
  • “Allocation of constrained supply is often contentious and sub-optimal.”
  • “Seeing significant shifts in channel preferences with the need to support various store formats and omnichannel options.”
  • Constant introduction of new items to address changing consumer tastes.
  • “We have massive volumes of customer, supplier, product, and market data available but not being used effectively to gain insights, drive decisions and business results.”
  • “Analyzing huge amounts of historical data and trends to build hyper-localized assortments that are relevant to consumer demographics.”
  • “Challenges in new product forecasting taking into account fashion attributes."
  • “We have a lack of collaboration between various links in the supply chain, causing poor decisions leading to over/under stocks.”
  • “Efficiently flow products to stores taking into account DC/store labor, storage capacity, disruptions, and available transportation.”
  • “Our batch planning systems are not providing real-time answers to demand and supply change what-ifs.”
  • “Constant changing assortments and new item launches results in excess inventory, markdowns and transfer to outlets.”
  • “Lack of integration between merchandise financial planning and assortment planning leading to lack of clarity in financial performance.”
  • “Increasing volatility of raw material / finished goods costs as well as unpredictability in transportation costs creating financial headwinds.”
  • “Our AOP / finance process is disconnected from the rolling forecasts of our S&OP process.”
  • “Our People Productivity needs to improve – Most work is offline, Low adoption of systems of engagement."

Aim big, start small, iterate rapidly.

Top 5 quick-win o9 capabilities that retail softlines clients are starting with

AI/ML Powered Forecasting and Demand Planning

AI Forecasting

AI/ML Powered Forecasting and Demand Planning

Using market knowledge, unleash the potential of AI/ML forecasting to more accurately predict demand. By better linking demand and supply, shape demand to maximize both short-term and long-term revenues and margins.

Merchandise Financial Planning and Assortment Planning

Merchandise Financial Planning

Merchandise Financial Planning and Assortment Planning

Align all financial, strategic, Top-down, Middle-Out and Bottom-Up planning processes to improve efficiency, quality and accuracy. Determine product mix across channels, regions and stores to maximize profits and minimize markdowns. Launch products aligned to the right market and local consumers at breakthrough speeds.

Replenishment & Flow Planning

Supply Chain & Logistics for Retail

Replenishment & Flow Planning

Utilize advanced allocation and replenishment optimization techniques to proactively position inventory to service demand. Build flow plans that respect the end-to-end constraints of your supply chain.

Supply Chain Analytics, Planning & Control Tower

Retail Control Tower

Supply Chain Analytics, Planning & Control Tower

Respond to Demand changes and supply disruptions in real-time with advanced Demand/Supply Matching capabilities, analytics and scenario evaluation. Take corrective actions to resolve unexpected network bottlenecks, supply shortages and demand disruptions

Market & Supply Chain Data - Knowledge Foundation

Market Intelligence

Market & Supply Chain Data - Knowledge Foundation

Connect the dots across products, channels, customers, and markets. Leverage the vast amounts of data now available – e.g., Shopper Loyalty Data, mobility data, POS data, customer trends, economic activity, weather, etc., – to better understand your markets and customer demand drivers.

Fasion company

Next generation supply planning and collaboration to optimize decision making and product flow

Global retail leader

Increased margins through regional inventory management with AI enabbled integrated business planning

American lifestyle brand

Machine learning demand and replenishment planning to optimize new product launch, inventory and customer service

Pexels tim mossholder 2096624

Optimizing pre-season and in-season plan execution with AI enabled planning


Key retail softlines solutions
powered by the o9 Digital Brain

Assortment Planning

Merchandise Financial Planning

Allocation Planning

Replenishment Planning

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