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Common home & personal care
challenges by role

  • “We have an increasing range of product options (e.g., Cosmeceuticals, green, natural, anti-bacterial) requiring intelligent data driven assortment.”
  • “Large consolidation of customers for both brick and mortar and ecommerce make service and negotiation challenging.”
  • “Our market visit reports are all on email – no way to reference them systematically.”
  • “We have limited Visibility to NPI, Marketing, Promotion & Price Changes – Extremely manual processes.”
  • “I’m selling a large portfolio –exceptions only please!”
  • “Our Social media ambassadors can generate volatile demand spikes we can’t plan against.”
  • “With significant shifts in demand, our statistical forecasting is driving a decline in forecast accuracy.”
  • “We have Silo-ed, Sequential Planning across Distribution, Production, Procurement Operations.”
  • “A lack of collaboration between various links in the supply chain, is causing poor insights into SKU levels leading to over/under stocks.”
  • “We have limited end-to-end visibility on supply chain status, capacity and constraints.”
  • “Slow, siloed planning processes without clear view on constraints lead to alignment gap between planning, finance and operations execution.”
  • “Increasing volatility of raw material and commodity costs.”
  • “Our S&OP process is conducted on PowerPoint – A big productivity drain driving highly ineffective meetings.”
  • “Our AOP / finance process is disconnected from the rolling forecasts of our S&OP process.”
  • “Our growth return on marketing/trade spend is not meeting expectations.”

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Top 5 quick-win o9 capabilities that home & personal care clients are starting with

AI/ML Powered Forecasting and Demand Planning

AI Forecasting

AI/ML Powered Forecasting and Demand Planning

Using market knowledge, unleash the potential of AI/ML forecasting to more accurately predict demand. By better linking demand and supply, shape demand to maximize both short-term and long-term revenues and margins.

Supply Chain Analytics, Planning & Control Tower

Control Tower

Supply Chain Analytics, Planning & Control Tower

Respond to roll-out changes and supply disruptions across multi-tier SC in real-time thanks to advanced replanning capabilities, with what-if scenario evaluation – enabled by the most advanced supply chain digital twin in the market.

Digital IBP


Digital IBP

Bring Commercial, Supply Chain, and  Financial forecasts and plans together for a 360-degree view of the business. Evaluate NPI, market adoption, roll-out, supply delay, and other scenarios and make optimal, data-driven Integrated Business Planning decisions. Run all IBP meetings on the system for real-time decision-making.

Revenue Analytics, Planning & Gap Closure

Revenue Growth Management

Revenue Analytics, Planning & Gap Closure

Create and manage commercial plans across products, markets and channels and close gaps-to-plan by aligning NPI, pricing, and promotions initiatives with inventory and supply capabilities.

Market & Supply Chain Data - Knowledge Foundation

Market Intelligence

Market & Supply Chain Data - Knowledge Foundation

Connect the dots across products, channels, customers, and markets. Leverage the vast amounts of data now available – e.g., Shopper Loyalty Data, mobility data, POS data, customer trends, economic activity, etc. – to better understand your markets and customer demand drivers.

India beauty company

Utilizing AI planning to manage high SKU company

Cosmetic company

Concurrent material and capacity constrained planning with supplier collaboration is driving higher availability in a volitile market

Beauty company

Driving rapid and informed fact-based decisions with on-system IBP and Control Tower

Global retail leader

Increased margins through regional inventory management with AI enabbled integrated business planning


Key home & personal care solutions
powered by the o9 Digital Brain

Market Intelligence

Collaborative Demand Planning

Digital Supplier Collaboration

Assortment Planning

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