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Common food & beverage
challenges by role

  • “Increasing range of product options (e.g., Organic & natural foods, seltzers and energy beverages) are requiring intelligent data driven assortment optimization across channels.”
  • “Large consolidation of customers for both brick and mortar and ecommerce make service and negotiation challenging.”
  • “Our market visit reports are all on email – no way to reference them systematically.”
  • “We have limited Visibility to NPI, Marketing, Promotion & Price Changes – Extremely manual processes.”
  • “Managing unique seasonality and SKU variances across my areas is challenging.”
  • “We have Supply Chain Master data challenges.”
  • “With significant shifts in demand, our statistical forecasting is driving a decline in forecast accuracy.”
  • “We have Silo-ed, Sequential Planning across Distribution, Production, Procurement Operations.”
  • “A lack of collaboration between various links in the supply chain, is causing poor insights into SKU levels leading to over/under stocks.”
  • “We have limited end-to-end visibility on supply chain status, capacity and constraints.”
  • "Slow, siloed planning processes without clear view on constraints lead to alignment gap between planning, finance and operations execution."
  • "Controlling logistics costs Volatile fuel costs and disruptions threaten profit margins."
  • "Increasing volatility of raw material and commodity costs."
  • "Our S&OP process is conducted on PowerPoint – A big productivity drain driving highly ineffective meetings."
  • "Our AOP /finance process is disconnected from the rolling forecasts of our S&OP process."
  • "Our growth return on marketing/trade spend is not meeting expectations."

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Top 5 quick-win o9 capabilities that food & beverage clients are starting with

AI/ML Powered Forecasting and Demand Planning

AI Forecasting

AI/ML Powered Forecasting and Demand Planning

Using market knowledge, unleash the potential of AI/ML forecasting to more accurately predict demand. By better linking demand and supply, shape demand to maximize both short-term and long-term revenues and margins.

Supply Chain Analytics, Planning & Control Tower

Control Tower

Supply Chain Analytics, Planning & Control Tower

Respond to roll-out changes and supply disruptions across multi-tier SC in real-time thanks to advanced replanning capabilities, with what-if scenario evaluation – enabled by the most advanced supply chain digital twin in the market.

Digital IBP


Digital IBP

Bring Commercial, Supply Chain, and  Financial forecasts and plans together for a 360-degree view of the business. Evaluate NPI, market adoption, roll-out, supply delay, and other scenarios and make optimal, data-driven Integrated Business Planning decisions. Run all IBP meetings on the system for real-time decision-making.

Revenue Analytics, Planning & Gap Closure

Revenue Growth Management

Revenue Analytics, Planning & Gap Closure

Create and manage commercial plans across products, markets and channels and close gaps-to-plan by aligning NPI, pricing, and promotions initiatives with inventory and supply capabilities.

Market & Supply Chain Data - Knowledge Foundation

Market Intelligence

Market & Supply Chain Data - Knowledge Foundation

Connect the dots across products, channels, customers, and markets. Leverage the vast amounts of data now available – e.g., Shopper Loyalty Data, mobility data, POS data, customer trends, economic activity, etc. – to better understand your markets and customer demand drivers.

Beer brand

Commercial, supply chain and finance on a single connected IBP platform with real-time scenarios

Fashion (1)

A global leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products in five categories: apparel, accessories, home, fragrances, and hospitality.

Global marine electronics company

Focused inventory management with AI powered supply planning

India beauty company

Utilizing AI planning to manage high SKU company


Key food & beverage solutions
powered by the o9 Digital Brain

Market Intelligence

Collaborative Demand Planning

Digital Supplier Collaboration

Supply Chain Master Planning

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