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Common automotive suppliers
challenges by role

  • “Our aftermarket distribution channels are consolidating-putting pressure on margins”
  • “Determining optimal channel mix between aftermarket and OEM channels is difficult”
  • “Many small part manufacturers depend on a single large customer.”
  • “Our leading demand drivers & indicators not being monitored systematically - Creates surprises”
  • “Many people are second guessing forecasts - Limited visibility and collaboration around assumptions”
  • “Shipping disruptions are causing significant challenges supporting our OEM customers”
  • “Volatile demand - we must remain nimble. Consumers often pause purchases due to economic uncertainty.”
  • “Our base demand for auto parts is increasing - Average lightweight vehicle is on the road 12 years now”
  • “Managing the right amount of inventory with more skus is becoming more challenging”
  • “Our batch planning systems are not providing real-time answers to demand and supply change what-ifs”
  • “Our high inventories to buffer risk and uncertainty tie up cash flow”
  • “Our AOP /finance process is disconnected from the rolling forecasts of our S&OP process”
  • “China's automotive market has grown significantly presenting a huge commercial potential.”
  • “We are getting squeezed with longer payment terms from OEM’s. OEM liquidity has become a major issue”
  • “Our people productivity needs to improve – Most work is offline, low adoption of systems”

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Top 5 quick-win o9 capabilities that automotive suppliers clients are starting with

AI/ML Powered Forecasting and Demand Planning

AI Forecasting

AI/ML Powered Forecasting and Demand Planning

Using market knowledge such as vehicle registration and IoT, unleash the potential of AI/ML forecasting to more accurately predict demand. Streamline OEM and aftermarket forecast consolidation with advanced analytics and automated workflows. By better linking demand and supply, shape demand to maximize both short-term and long-term revenues and margins.

Supply Chain Analytics, Planning & Control Tower

Control Tower

Supply Chain Analytics, Planning & Control Tower

Respond to demand changes and supply disruptions across the multi-tier SC in real-time thanks to advanced replanning capabilities, with what-if scenario evaluation. Leverage predictive IoT signals and spare parts inventory optimization to mitigate supply chain risk. Enable extended visibility and collaboration with suppliers.

Digital IBP


Digital IBP

Bring Financial, Commercial and Supply Chain plans and forecasts together, evaluate revenue gap closure proposals, supply chain feasibility and cost scenarios, and make P&L optimal decisions – Run all IBP meetings on the system for better alignment, and greater accountability. Maximize profitability in volatile market conditions.

Revenue Analytics, Planning & Gap Closure

Revenue Growth Management

Revenue Analytics, Planning & Gap Closure

Create and manage commercial plans across products, markets, channels and close gaps-to-plan by aligning NPI, pricing, and growth initiatives with inventory and supply capabilities. Utilize real-time scenarios to manage commodity and market volatility.

Market & Supply Chain Data - Knowledge Foundation

Market Intelligence

Market & Supply Chain Data - Knowledge Foundation

Connect the dots across products, channels, customers, and markets. Leverage the vast amounts of data now available – e.g., Geographic vehicle registration, mobility data, Dealer sales trends, economic activity, etc. – to better understand your markets and customer demand drivers.

Tire manufacturer

Building accurate long range plans that incorporate market leading indicators, trends, market share and market size metrics

Automotive tire manufacturing

Connecting planning functions and processes to obtain full visibility of demand, supply and financial plans on a single common platform

Automation product manufacturer

Improving forecast accuracy and real-time capacity planning with machine learning drivers on a unified AI platform


Key automotive suppliers solutions
powered by the o9 Digital Brain

Collaborative Demand Planning

Supply Chain Control Tower

Market Intelligence

Supply Chain Master Planning

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