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Digital Brain

The digital brain is powered by our patented Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG)
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Are you also facing these common challenges in planning and decision-making?

Siloed planning and disconnected decisions – There is a myriad of planning processes in every global company – Demand Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Revenue/Commercial Planning, Product Planning, Financial Planning – all driving different plans and decisions. These planning processes are usually slow, siloed, sequential and so fail to help with the complexity, volatility and scale of the businesses today.

Data vs. knowledge – At the same time there is also a lot more data available, both from internal and even more from external sources. Companies also have descriptive analytics, but limited capabilities to learn from all this data and convert it into knowledge to make better and faster decisions.

Value leakage – This is the single most important value creation opportunity for enterprises. Global companies are experiencing billions in value leakage – in terms of lost sales, increased supply chain costs, inventory, and lower organizational productivity. Not to mention the adverse impact on the planet due to poor utilization of scarce resources by global supply chains.

The solution: Next-generation Integrated Business Planning (IBP) capabilities enabled by a platform like o9’s Digital Brain. The human brain was our inspiration.

Watch Chakri Gottemukkala (CEO and founder – o9 Solutions) on “Why every business needs a digital brain”

How does the Digital Brain work?

Digitalbrain data

Data sensing – It all starts with data.

The o9 platform can connect to any data source like ERPs but also bring together data from CRM, procurement, warehouse, factory, etc. applications. More importantly, it can also connect to external sources, tapping into the consumer, market, point-of-sales, IoT, etc. data that is today rarely leveraged for planning.

Digitalbrain knowledge

Knowledge building

Federating data coming from multiple sources, internal and external, is only the first step. Value comes when data gets connected with other data. Over time, these data connections are captured by the platform and this creates the equivalent of the knowledge that the human brain develops. The proprietary Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) is o9’s technology to enable the creation of knowledge for the enterprise.

Digitalbrain decisions

Decision making

Finally, the purpose of leveraging all this data and the knowledge gained over time is to drive better decision making. The o9 Digital Brain includes support for all the important supply chain and supply-chain related planning activities: Demand planning and, more generally, revenue planning, supply planning, and all the activities related to bringing together the demand and supply sides, e.g., S&OP, S&OE, IBP, long-range planning, etc.

How to build a digital brain – a technology view

Explained by our EVP of Product Management – Umesh Arasu.

Future-proof platform

As a cloud-native application running on any of the 3 major cloud providers, the o9 platform can scale without constraints. Furthermore, the o9 platform was designed as an open platform, allowing companies to leverage new sources of data – from customer data coming from smart phone apps to IoT data from connected machines – and new algorithms for completely new use cases.

The o9 Digital Brain is the Most Valuable Platform (MVP) for companies. It allows non digital-native companies to also leverage the power of data – both to digitalize their existing business and for the future digital operating models that are emerging.

Experience the possibilities of having a digital brain in your company