o9 Digital Brain for Capital Goods

A manufacturer of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and building management systems and controls.

This manufacturer wanted to improve its overall supply chain visibility and proactively address disruptions, especially the supply disruptions caused by events like the COVID-19 pandemic by adopting o9’s advanced Control Tower.

Sustainability Impact

Reduction of supply expedites, production disruption, and customer order disruptions.

Business Scope Challenges

Demand/Supply Matching

The company experienced large delays (several days) to replan for any delay in the supply of critical components.


With o9’s integrated platform powered by the Enterprise Knowledge Graph, they were able to model lead times of critical components by leveraging the Digital Twin. This allowed them to obtain visibility for supplier constraints, leverage its interactive scenario modeling and supplier collaboration capabilities to replan for critical items quickly.

Supplier Visibility

The company experienced a lack of
visibility into the supply chain disruptions
of Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.


With o9, they were able to model Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers in the Enterprise Knowledge Graph and obtain real-time visibility of disruptions at the suppliers. The Control Tower provides automated alerts based on any supply disruption with root cause analysis, making the supply chain more responsive and agile.

Scenario Planning

The company was unable to effectively analyze alternative scenarios to mitigate supply disruptions.


With o9, they leveraged o9’s scenario planning capabilities and pre-build models to effectively collaborate with suppliers. These scenarios were evaluated based on supportability, revenues, costs, and contribution margin to help plan effectively for these supply disruptions.

Value Delivery

Key Functionalities Implemented

The o9 Control Tower was implemented to improve End-to-End supply chain visibility and better track and trace supply across Tier 1 and eventually Tier 2 suppliers.

The Control Tower helps to spot demand and supply risks and opportunities faster, run scenarios in real time and evaluate financial consequences before making decisions.

Systems Replaced

Homegrown solutions and Excel.

Customer Benefits

Success Factors — 3 reasons why o9 was selected

  1. Demonstration of o9’s reference model for discrete manufacturing that comprehensively met the customer’s requirements.
  2. Underlying user friendly and flexible technology.
  3. Demonstrating speed and commitment to client’s aggressive timelines.

KPI Impacted

  1. Reduce supply disruptions.
  2. Improve clear-to-build efficiency.
  3. Better react to changes in demand, increasing revenues.

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