o9 Digital Brain for High Tech & Electronics

A multinational company that manufactures products for fabrication and process automation. It is specialized in sensor manufacturing, for example, sensors that are used in automatic doors in elevators.

This customer did not have clear visibility across the End-to-End supply chain, resulting in suboptimal decision-making. Decisions were made based on opinions, rather than data-driven facts.

Sustainability Impact

Reduction of inventory — less transportation movement due to increased efficiency.

Business Scope Challenges

E2E Visibility

The company was unable to create true E2E visibility across the supply chain due to a wide variety of disconnected planning systems operating in a siloed environment.


With o9, the highly differentiated Enterprise Knowledge Graph was leveraged that created a true digital twin of the supply chain. The company now has the ability to integrate the various demand and supply planning functions across the organization.

Manual Number Crunching

The planning teams were spending a significant amount of time on number crunching activities (e.g. data validation, collection, and manipulation) and reporting.


With the o9 platform, the company was able to automate the most time-consuming and manual tasks by leveraging capabilities. These included automated post-game analysis, the ability to create exception-based alerts from both structured and unstructured data inputs, and the ability to create ad hoc reports leveraging o9’s
NLP capabilities.

Scenario Planning

The company was unable to conduct real-time scenario planning and could not evaluate the financial impact of a scenario. Furthermore, the ability to evaluate the supply chain supportability of the different scenarios was lacking.


With o9’s differentiated platform supported by the Enterprise Knowledge Graph, the company conducted scenario planning across time horizons, and had the ability to evaluate the full P&L impact (including supply chain supportability) in real time.

Value Delivery

Key Functionalities Implemented

The o9 Enterprise Knowledge Graph was used to create a true digital representation of the entire value chain. This enabled performing all planning processes on a single integrated platform, leveraging a single underlying data model.

Systems Replaced

Excel and Infor.

Customer Benefits

Success Factors — 3 reasons why o9 was selected

  1. The ability to provide an E2E planning platform covering all planning processes within the organization.
  2. The ability to model the entire network including capacities, lead times and other supply parameters to conduct real-time what-if scenario planning and enable decision-making.
  3. The flexibility of the platform and the ability to eliminate a wide variety of manual tasks, enabling employees to focus more on value-adding activities.

KPI Impacted

  1. Increase in top-line sales by having better product availability.
  2. Reduction of inventory and non-standard supply chain costs.
  3. Increase in employee productivity.

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