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Unifying a Scattered IT Landscape: o9’s Solution for Seamless Integration

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Published: Reading time: 4 minStijn-Pieter van Houten VP of Industry Solutions
Stijn-Pieter van HoutenVP of Industry Solutions

Integrating a scattered IT landscape, especially in the presence of multiple ERP systems and a diverse array of other platforms, presents businesses with a formidable challenge. The intricacies of such an endeavor involve more than just linking different systems; it's about creating a coherent, unified system that enhances decision-making and operational efficiency. o9 Solutions' approach to this challenge is both comprehensive and nuanced, addressing the core issues of integration through innovative solutions and methodologies.

What’s the problem?

The task of integrating disparate systems is compounded by the inherent differences in data formats, terminologies, and structures across these systems. This diversity often leads to significant challenges in data consolidation, analysis, and utilization. Businesses face hurdles in achieving a single source of truth, which is critical for accurate forecasting, optimal resource allocation, and planning in general. Moreover, an increasing volume of data and the demand for near real-time processing capabilities necessitate a solution that can handle this complexity efficiently, ensuring data integrity and timeliness.

What’s the solution?

1. Open and flexible architecture

o9 Solutions has designed its platform with an open and flexible architecture, essential for seamless integration with a wide range of data sources, including legacy ERPs, modern cloud-based solutions, and custom in-house systems. This architectural choice facilitates the establishment of data pipelines that are crucial for the two-way flow of information. The platform's ability to act as a central hub for planning and decision-making, leveraging open APIs for integration, dramatically reduces the complexity and effort required to unify disparate systems. This architecture not only ensures that businesses can leverage their existing IT infrastructure but also allows for easy adaptation as new technologies emerge or as business needs evolve. This flexibility is further enhanced by our data model's extensibility, which can accommodate data from any number of sources, ensuring that the system remains adaptable and inclusive as new data sources emerge.

2. Data cleansing and Master Data management

Ensuring data quality across the enterprise is a fundamental aspect of o9's platform. It offers sophisticated tools for data cleansing and master data management, tackling common issues such as duplicate records, data inconsistencies, and incomplete data. By cleaning, standardizing, and harmonizing data from various sources, o9 ensures that businesses have access to high-quality data that is consistent across the organization. This capability is particularly important for companies that operate in complex supply chains or in multiple geographic markets, where data integrity is critical for enabling effective decision-making involving a multitude of stakeholders.

3. Employing an Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG)

At the core of o9's integration strategy is the Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG), which enables the mapping and management of complex relationships between different data entities. This innovative approach allows for a unified view of an organization's data, making it easier to retrieve, analyze, and utilize information for decision-making purposes. The EKG is a powerful database for businesses dealing with complex data landscapes, and it provides flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing business needs. This capability is crucial for enabling faster decision-making, improving operational efficiency, and delivering business outcomes.

4. Real-time data integration

Today, the ability to access and analyze data in real time is a significant competitive edge. o9's platform supports real-time data integration, ensuring that decision-makers have access to the most current information. This real-time capability is essential for responding swiftly to market changes, managing supply chain disruptions, and optimizing operations where a short resiliency lead time is required. The platform's real-time data processing enables businesses to become more resilient, making informed decisions quickly and effectively.

5. Scalability and performance

As businesses grow and evolve, so does their data. o9's platform is built to scale, and capable of managing increasing volumes of data without compromising performance. Through the use of the latest data processing technologies and scalable architectures, o9 ensures that its platform can support the growing needs of businesses. This scalability is critical for companies that anticipate growth or those dealing with large and complex data sets. It ensures that the platform remains effective and efficient, supporting business operations and strategic decision-making at every stage of growth.


The integration of a scattered IT landscape is a complex but essential task for businesses looking to optimize their operations and strategic decision-making. o9 Solutions offers a comprehensive and effective approach to this challenge, with its open and flexible architecture, advanced data management capabilities, and innovative use of technologies like the Enterprise Knowledge Graph. By addressing the core issues of system integration, o9 empowers businesses to harness the full potential of their data, driving operational efficiency, resiliency, and sustained growth.

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About the author

Stijn-Pieter van Houten VP of Industry Solutions

Stijn-Pieter van Houten

VP of Industry Solutions

Stijn-Pieter is VP of Industry Solutions at o9 Solutions. He has over 13-year consulting career in Supply Chain Strategy and Transformation and a keen interest in Planning and Control Tower topics.


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