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Navigating Large Volume Challenges: o9's Solution to Enterprise Scalability

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Published: Reading time: 4 min
Stijn-Pieter van Houten SVP of Consumer Products and Knowledge Innovation Lead, o9
Stijn-Pieter van HoutenSVP of Consumer Products and Knowledge Innovation Lead, o9
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Data is king in the modern age, and the ability to navigate through and make sense of immense volumes of it has become a critical asset for businesses across the globe. This challenge is particularly pronounced in large organizations, where the scope of planning and decision-making extends across complex, multifaceted operations. The sheer scale of data that needs to be processed, analyzed, and acted upon can overwhelm traditional systems, leading to inefficiencies and lost opportunities. Against this backdrop, the search for scalable solutions that can handle these vast data landscapes efficiently is more pressing than ever.

o9 offers a sophisticated solution to mastering large volume challenges. Through a combination of deep understanding, strategic problem-solving, and cutting-edge technology, we have devised an architecture that not only addresses the immediate concerns of handling large data volumes but also sets a new standard for operational excellence in the digital age.

Understanding the volume challenge

Key to the o9 strategy is recognizing and addressing the multifaceted nature of the volume challenge. This involves a deep dive into understanding the customer's concerns, which often revolve around data integration, interoperability between workflows, and the sheer size of the data volumes themselves. By engaging customers with an empathetic approach, o9 demonstrates a keen understanding of the prerequisite for modern platforms to handle increasingly larger data volumes. This is the first step in their methodical approach to problem-solving.

The 3-step response strategy

To address the complex concerns surrounding data volume management, our strategy unfolds in a deliberate and customized manner, focusing on identifying the core issue before proposing targeted solutions. This process is segmented into three pivotal steps:

  • 1.

    Acknowledging the critical significance of efficiently managing large data volumes lays the foundation of our approach.
  • 2.

    Through engaging dialogue, we delve into the specific aspects of the volume challenge, whether it concerns data integration, interoperability, or the sheer magnitude of the data.
  • 3.

    Our response leverages key insights and solutions, drawing parallels to the intuitive and accessible nature of modern consumer systems to illustrate our point.

Adopting DeltaLake & Spark

In our quest for unlimited scalable storage and distributed compute capabilities, we incorporate DeltaLake for managing vast data lakes and Spark for distributed computing. This combination allows us to efficiently handle, process, and analyze massive data sets, ensuring scalability and performance.

Central to our technological innovation is the Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG), which acts as a common data model. It provides end-to-end information on the same model, making data available to all respective stakeholders simultaneously. This enhances our data governance capabilities, ensuring that all data is accurate, consistent, and accessible when and where it's needed, fostering informed decision-making across the enterprise.

Real-world benefits

Our platform's scalability and efficiency have been demonstrated across several large organizations, showcasing its capability to meet the demands of substantial data volumes:

  • A leading retail giant experienced significant growth in data volumes, scaling its data intersections by over thirty times without compromising the timeliness of its planning processes.
  • A global beverage manufacturer implemented a hybrid model to manage its extensive network, enabling the running of incremental what-if scenarios in mere minutes, thus showcasing the platform's speed and flexibility.
  • A major food & beverage company demonstrated our platform's capability for live aggregation and disaggregation across various levels, showcasing our advanced computational abilities.

The value of collaboration and data-driven decision-making

o9 emphasizes the importance of collaboration and data-driven decision-making. By enabling seamless data sharing and workflow management across different departments - such as sales, supply chain, and logistics - o9 facilitates a collaborative planning process. This approach helps organizations like these to plan more effectively, understanding and anticipating needs such as warehouse expansion or production adjustments based on detailed data simulations.


In the face of large volume challenges, o9 Solutions has established itself as a leader in providing scalable, efficient, and innovative planning solutions. Through its strategic approach to understanding and addressing customer concerns, combined with its advanced technological innovations like the Enterprise Knowledge Graph, o9 empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of modern data management. The examples of successful deployments across major organizations underscore the platform's capability to meet the critical needs of large-scale planning and decision-making, making o9 a pivotal player in the future of enterprise operations.

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About the author

Stijn-Pieter van Houten SVP of Consumer Products and Knowledge Innovation Lead, o9

Stijn-Pieter van Houten

SVP of Consumer Products and Knowledge Innovation Lead, o9

With over 20 years of experience in supply chain management, strategy, and operations, Dr. Stijn-Pieter (SP) is a global leader and innovator in the field of next-generation planning solutions for the manufacturing industry. He holds a PhD in computer simulation and mathematical models from Delft University of Technology and has completed executive education programs at Berkeley, Stanford, and Cranfield.


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