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What the Future Holds: Key Planning Capabilities Automotive Suppliers Will Need in the Next 10 Years

Session description

The automotive industry has been undergoing massive change over the last several years. As consumer behavior evolved the demand for green, connected cars grew, so manufacturers moved towards a clean, electric, connected mobility-focused business model. When COVID hit, the urgency to mitigate disruption intensified as automotive companies scrambled to rethink their business models to respond to shortages affected OEM’s and suppliers alike. The disruption is still wreaking havoc across the automotive landscape, and many leaders are scrambling to decide the right path forward.

In this webinar you’ll hear from Jesus Beas, VP of Supply Chain at Marelli as he’s discusses the key planning capabilities that automotive suppliers need to develop and strengthen in order to thrive in the next ten years and answer questions like:

-What are the key capabilities automotive OEMs and suppliers will have to develop to flourish in the next decade?
– What is the roadmap supply chain leaders should follow to acquire the process, people and technology needed to succeed?
– What are risks and traps along the way that companies should be aware of?



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