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Aim10x supply7 web cover

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The Importance of Modern Day Control Towers to Sense & Respond to E2E Disruptions

Session description

The past two years have exposed the vulnerabilities of multi-echelon, complex global supply chains as volatility has skyrocketed. On the supply side COVID19, Winter storm Uri, Hurricane Ida, and the Suez Canal blockage are notable examples of disruptions that significantly impacted the entire value chain. Conversely demand has been increasingly volatile with little warning as buying behavior and product preferences evolved in response to the disruption. When coupled with a significant divergence in recovery rates across different industries (e.g., airlines vs. consumer electronics), there has been minimal guidance for supply chain leaders to proactively manage the supply/demand dynamics impacting these global, interconnected supply chains. Until now.

The introduction of next generation supply chain planning that includes the ability to sense/predict disruptions and turn that data into knowledge to drive real-time, efficient decision making is critical. This session will explore how organizations can build more resilient supply chains that sense and respond to disruptions in real-time. Incremental questions will be what capabilities are required in modern day control towers that can turn the supply chain into a competitive advantage for your organization? And how do organizations balance agility with control in rapidly changing market environments?

Join us on March 1st at 12 ET (6 pm CET) hear the expertise of Katherine Ross, former President of Health Care Services at Johnson & Johnson, Brent Hasenkamp VP of Industry Solutions at o9 Solutions, Inc., and Vijay Mohan VP of Industry Solutions at o9 Solutions, Inc. who will share their insights on organizational, process & technology considerations around improving supply chain resilience through modern day control towers.


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