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Aim10x webinar cpg8 web cover
Aim10x webinar cpg8 web cover

On demand webinar

Supply Sensing: An essential practice for ensuring agility and responsiveness in CPG supply chains

Session description

Across consumer products, anticipating volatile demand is only half the battle. With supply shortages becoming increasingly common, many companies in the industry are leveraging data and advanced analytics-driven supply sensing capabilities that provide them with a more accurate and comprehensive picture of inbound supply.

In this aim10x webinar, hear from Gregory F. Polcer, Former Executive Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Estée Lauder, and Steve Schuckenbrock, Former President of Global Services at Dell, as they explore:

  1. What supply sensing is, and how it helps consumer products companies stay ahead of the competition.
  2. How to build supply sensing capabilities at your organization.
  3. How to measure the effectiveness of your supply sensing capabilities.


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