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Aim10x industrial8 web cover

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Optimizing Supply Chain Planning for Telecom Network Infrastructure

Session description

The world is consuming more data every single year. The accelerating rate of change puts tremendous pressure on the telecom industry to continually innovate how it delivers more data faster and reliably in a hyperconnected world. As a result, the race for 5G deployment is ON, starting from using the existing 4G core infrastructure and rapidly moving towards 5G SA. The stakes have never been higher, especially with geopolitical uncertainties and cross-industry supply challenges.

To learn more about how telecommunications leaders face these challenges, join the webinar with Krishna Kulankara, EVP & Vikram Parvataneni, SVP at o9 Solutions, as they discuss the key planning capabilities needed to effectively manage and grow network infrastructure in turbulent times.

Krishna and Vikram will share their insights while answering questions like:

-Are operators truly maximizing 5G deployment speed, efficiency & service levels while minimizing costs?
-How does better planning enable better NPI/EOL transitions in a rapidly changing technology landscape?
-How can operators collaborate better with suppliers to secure core components (e.g., base stations, fiber cable, RF equipment) and allocate them strategically across the network?
-How do AI/ML forecasting, scenario planning, and integrated business planning help businesses evaluate and choose the best end-to-end plan to achieve growth objectives and mitigate risk from near-term disruptions?
-Can enterprises implement a transformational end-to-end planning solution with high user adoption, continuous value realization and a strong foundation for advanced next-gen capabilities which support long term business needs?


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