The AIM10x Executive Network brings together visionary leaders who have built significant operating experience at some of the world’s largest companies.

Mission of the AIM10x Executive Network

Combining the expertise and experience of operational leaders of the world’s biggest enterprises will help to define the future of digital transformation in the field of operations and planning. Not only will this help those companies to be more efficient and profitable, but also utilize the earth’s resources in a more sustainable and responsible fashion.

Chris Tyas

Former Senior VP Global Supply Chain - Nestlé SA

Chris has spent 40 years in Procurement, Manufacturing, HR, IT and Supply Chain within the CPG industry with Mars and Nestle. After working in a number of countries he moved to Switzerland in 2010 as the Supply Chain Head for Europe and was promoted to become Senior Vice President and Global Supply Chain Head of Nestle SA in 2013.

In his time in Nestle he implemented Integrated Business Planning across many markets of the world and in his latter role instigated and led the Plan to Execute programme looking for the next generation of truly end to end planning processes and systems for the world largest Food and Drink company .Chris has a law degree and an MBA from IMD at Lausanne and now advises on Supply Chain Strategy and chairs a number of industry bodies focussing on traceability and recycling in the FMCG industry.

Everett Plante

Chief Information Officer of Silicon Labs

Everett Plante, has spent his entire career in the high-tech sector and in his latest role Everett was the Chief Information Officer of Silicon Labs, a large semiconductor company out of Austin, Texas, USA. Everett has implemented new technologies throughout his career (at Sysco, Compaq, Silicon Labs) and brings a strong perspective on how organizations can get ready from a change management perspective. Everett’s experience in driving digital transformation in the high-tech industry will be extremely useful for fellow AIM10X members.

Pertti Korhonen

Former Chief Technology Officer - Nokia

Pertti has spent 20 years of his career at Nokia, and in his latest role at Nokia Pertti was the Chief Technology Officer and part of the Executive Board. Pertti was responsible for transforming Nokia’s supply chain from crisis to winning awards for World’s Best Supply chain. Since Pertti left Nokia (2006), he served various companies as the Chief Executive Officer or Board Member in various industries such as Technology, Software, Telecom, Process industry, Machine building and Services. Pertti brings tremendous Executive Leadership experience and has been an early adaptor of new technologies throughout his impressive career.

Sanjiv Sidhu

Chairman and Co-Founder of o9 Solutions

Sanjiv is Co-Founder and Chairman of o9 Solutions. He is a software visionary and entrepreneur with a track record of delivering billions of dollars of value by transforming planning and execution at large corporations across industries. Sanjiv came out of Texas Instruments AI Labs and founded i2 Technologies that pioneered cutting-edge innovations in demand and supply chain planning in the 90s and 2000s. With the increasing complexity and volatility of global supply chains, Sanjiv and Chakri Gottemukkala then founded o9 with a mission to transform integrated business planning with next-generation technology. Sanjiv advises CXOs of many FT1000 companies on their digital transformation strategies.

Chakri Gottemukkala

CEO and Co-Founder of o9 Solutions

Chakri Gottemukkala is the co-founder and CEO of o9 solutions. He is the driving force behind o9’s AI powered planning platform, now serving global clients across a number of retail and manufacturing industry verticals. Based on a strong belief that organizations that plan better don’t just get better financial results, they are better utilisers or the earth’s resources and are happier work environments, Chakri is on a mission to enable drive digital age IBP capabilities at all global companies.
Prior to co-founding o9, Chakri had a 10 year career at i2 Technologies, where he played a variety of roles spanning product strategy, sales & marketing, industry solutions and consulting. Chakri has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras and a Master’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Stephan de Barse

Executive Vice President at o9 Solutions

EVP at o9 Solutions, driving digital transformation with some of the leading Fortune-500 companies. Intrinsically motivated to solve some of the most difficult challenges with technology with the aim to deliver business value.

Anusha Sharma

Senior Vice President - o9 Solutions

Anusha has been enabling digital transformations for companies across a variety of industries and geographies. Her core competency is improving decision making in the area of cross functional Integrated Business Planning driven by better processes, analytics and technologies. Anusha also has extensive experience in Value Centric E2E Client Engagement (from Conception to Deployment to Continuous Value Delivery).

The AIM10x Executive Network is an initiative of o9 Solutions.