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Revenue Growth Management

o9’s fully integrated
Revenue Growth Management

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Quality brand growth
in the age of disruption

A collaborative white paper with the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) on key digitally-enabled capabilities and practices for the next generation of effective brand-building organizations

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Build winning commercial and marketing plans every time in an era of disruption.

Knowing where and when to invest effectively isn’t easy, especially when faced with simultaneous supply, demand, and digital disruptions. Worse yet, managing your growth levers in siloed solutions—from pricing, promotions, marketing, assortment to innovation strategies—adds complexity and reduces the impact of your investments with customers and consumers.

Our next-generation AI/ML-powered software allows you to plan, analyze, and simulate the most effective investment choices across all growth levers in one unified platform for all decision-makers. This allows you to plan more effectively, meet all growth KPIs, and gain a digital-age advantage.

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Unparalleled market and demand knowledge built-in

Our proprietary Revenue Knowledge Graph fully integrates with your existing core business systems and brings together over 1,500 internal and external data sources in a knowledge map. This breakthrough technology provides a true causal picture of consumer or customer behavior and its associated financial impact.

Top reasons

Why customers choose o9 for their Revenue Growth Management

Centralized execution-tracking and measurement of ROI
o9 monitors the delivery of all commercial and marketing initiatives. Our built-in advanced analytics and full AI/ML capabilities offer an industry-leading ROI, elasticity, response modeling, and root-cause analytics to understand what happened and why.

Closed-loop planning and decision-making
o9 integrates strategic decision-making and investment prioritization with tactical bottom-up planning, operational tracking, and gap-closure capabilities. Our closed-loop approach ensures the right information is always shared at the right time.

Real-time insight for accurate forecasting
o9 provides quality demand signals by leveraging data from your commercial and marketing teams. With real-time visibility of bottom-up commercial and marketing initiative plans and our AI/ML engine, you will achieve unprecedented levels of forecast accuracy.

Planning for any scenario
o9 lets you simulate full P&L impacts for any changes to your bottom-up plan, and proactively suggests which activities to optimize to hit your KPIs. Whether you’re a revenue manager, sales manager, or demand planner, you’ll know the ‘what if?’ questions faster.

Putting the integration back into Integrated Business Planning
o9’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph technology powers the management of RGM and IBP in one platform. All business processes and data dependencies are fully mapped in a digital twin of your organization, propagating decisions across the

Save time on planning, spend more time with customers
Most organizations spend most of the year planning due to disconnected systems, processes, and data infrastructure. Cut down on time wasted on internal-facing activities and liberate your sales teams to do what they do best.

Software designed by an expert team of practitioners
o9’s Revenue Growth Management capabilities are built by revenue management, sales, and marketing experts with years of experience in Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, B2B Sales, Demand Planning, and Consulting to ensure our platform will drive optimal performance for your business.


o9 Revenue Growth Management software brings together planning and tracking capabilities with performance predictions, forecasting, P&L simulations, and post-event analysis.

  • Annual Strategic Revenue Planning
  • B2C Pricing & Promotions
  • B2B Pricing, Incentives & Deal Planning
  • Assortment Planning
  • Product Portfolio & NPI Planning
  • Marketing Effectiveness & Planning
  • Key Account Planning & Customer Collaboration
  • Revenue Forecasting & Gap Closure
  • Revenue Profitability Tracking & Analytics
  • Yield Management & Markdown

Plan better. Reduce waste. Reinvest back into business for growth for a sustainable future.

Global corporations are the largest consumers of the Earth’s resources. Good planning means enterprises can achieve their goals while using less of the Earth’s precious resources.

The integrated planning efficiencies delivered by o9 is helping corporations do more, be more and mean more, internally and to the world at large.

See the future. Leverage o9’s digital brain in your business.

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