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Social and 
Performance 2022

  • o9’s ESG Report outlines our 2022 achievements, sharing our ambitious goal to become net-positive.
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2022 ESG Highlights


o9 is dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint through energy, water, and waste management optimization, while also elevating our Sustainability Solutions.


o9 commits to social responsibility by spearheading initiatives for diversity, inclusion, well-being, education, philanthropy and community engagement.


o9 promotes excellence through high standards in our culture, fostering ethics, data security, and trust among employees, clients, suppliers, and partners.

"In today’s world, sustainability is not just a choice, it’s a responsibility. As a software company, we have the power to innovate and create solutions that not only drive profits but also benefit our planet and future generations. Sustainability is a core part of our business strategy."

Igor rikalo close up
Igor RikaloCOO and President — o9 Solutions


1. Energy & GHGs Emissions
2. Sustainability Solutions
3. Waste Management
4. Water Management


5. Employee Health & Wellness
6. Working Conditions
7. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
8. Training and Education
9. Human Rights and Communities


10. Ethical Conduct
11. Privacy and Data Security
12. Governance Structure
13. Responsible Sourcing

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Third Party Assurance

To ensure accuracy and continual improvement, o9 enlisted a third-party to conduct a limited assurance on key ESG indicators.

2056px sustainable development goals

In 2022, we continued our reflection on which SDGs are the most material and relevant to us as a business and determined where we can move the needle to achieve the most positive impact.

While assessing which ones have the highest impact in terms of risk or opportunity in the long term, we also considered our ability as an organization to contribute to achieving progress considering our business activities. It allowed us to select 10 SDGs on which we will take action in alignment with our sustainability strategy. 

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Social and 
Performance 2022

Download our most recent ESG Report.

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