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Evolve or Fall Behind — the Choice Retailers Must Make in the Age of ‘Never Normal’

Read our whitepaper to learn how AI/ML can evolve your supply chain capabilities and give you a competitive advantage in the market.

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In our whitepaper, you’ll learn:

Why retailers are realizing the urgent need for digital transformation and how they’re successfully implementing it.

How you can generate accurate demand forecasts and turn leading indicator data into actionable knowledge.

How to leverage AI/ML algorithms to diagnose root-causes of fulfillment failures and adapt plans in real time.

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The age of ‘never normal’ means 3 key challenges for retailers

Goodbye Status Quo
Today’s retail consumer has shown a preference for home-delivery and ‘click-and-collect’ options. But tomorrow’s consumer? It’s anyone’s guess. Welcome to ‘never normal’.

Constant Supply Chain Disruptions
Demand forecasting is more challenging than ever. Relying on historical data to forecast is now like using just your rear view mirror to drive forwards to your destination.

Need for Digital Transformation
It’s sink or swim for many retailers. Some are being forced to adapt and digitally upgrade their supply chain competencies in order to stay competitive—and others to survive.

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Here’s how AI/ML can be a game-changer

Data by itself is not enough. It must be transformed into actionable knowledge to be effective.

That’s where AI/ML comes in.

Harness the power of leading indicator data
Our AI/ML algorithms crunch your existing data, along with leading indicator data like weather, traffic, events, and transform it into actionable knowledge for your supply chain.

AI/ML predicts the rain, you build the ark
Your digital supply chain capabilities constantly adapt to changing consumer preferences, learn from them with AI/ML models, and predict demand much more accurately.

Actionable knowledge means real-time adaptation
Actionable knowledge from leading indicator data empowers our cognitive Control Tower to address and even avoid disruptions in real time, not weeks or months after.

Powered by Microsoft® Azure

Through enhanced AI/machine learning-based forecasting, the o9 solution on Azure makes it possible for retail leadership to focus on strategies, analysis, and long-term inventory policies. Now, store stock replenishments are demand-driven and there is alignment of merchandising with supply chain and store operations for faster, more nimble decision-making.

Learn more about o9’s partnership with Microsoft in this blog.

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The age of never normal — Digital transformation of retail supply chains

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