Why Digital Transformation Is a Must for Grocery Retail Supply Chains

‘DX’ is much more than just a buzzword for retail grocers. Read our whitepaper to learn why.

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In our whitepaper, you’ll learn:

Why grocery retailers are realizing the urgent need for digital transformation.

How retailers are using AI/ML-powered cognitive Control Towers to diagnose root-causes of fulfillment failures.

How you can generate accurate demand forecasts and turn leading indicator data into actionable knowledge in real time.

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What Does the Age of ‘Never Normal’ Mean for You as a Grocery Retailer?

Unexpected Shifts in Consumer Behavior
Today, consumers are showing a strong preference for locally-sourced, organic options over convenience foods. But tomorrow’s landscape could look completely different. Welcome to ‘never normal.’

Supply Chain Disruptions
As a result of rapidly changing consumer behavior, demand forecasting is more challenging than ever. Relying on historical data to forecast is now like using only your rear view mirror to drive forwards to your destination.

The Need to Digitally Transform
Many retail grocers are being forced to adapt and digitally upgrade their supply chain competencies in order to stay competitive—and in some cases survive.

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Why leveraging AI/ML will be the difference-maker for your grocery retail supply chain

The power of leading indicator data
Our AI/ML algorithms turn leading indicator data like weather, traffic, events, and many others into actionable knowledge for your supply chain.

Actionable knowledge means real-time adaptation
Enabling your supply chain with a cognitive Control Tower means disruptions are addressed in real time, not weeks or months after.

AI/ML predicts the rain, you build the ark
Your digital supply chain capabilities adapt to changing consumer preferences, learn from them with AI/ML models, and predict demand much more accurately.

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Building the Superstar Retailer — Getting to the Promised Land with Supply Chain Control Towers

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