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July 14, 2023

What makes o9's RGM solution unique for CPG companies?

The o9 Revenue Growth Management (RGM) platform is a cloud-based enterprise planning and performance management platform that helps businesses to make better investment decisions across all growth levers. The o9 RGM platform is modular in structure, meaning that businesses only need to select the capabilities that matter for their business right now.

The o9 RGM platform includes a suite of growth levers and capabilities, including pricing, promotions, assortment, and new product innovation. The o9 RGM platform also includes a strategic planning capability that enables senior executives to build top-down plans and budget allocations with confidence.

The o9 RGM platform is complemented with the operational performance tracking and gap closing features of o9. This enables in-flight course corrections to beat your plan and increase growth every time.

Revenue Growth Management or RGM is one of the most important value creation levers for many companies. This is because building an accurate data picture of the market to understand to ROI on commercial or marketing investments is highly complex. Currently, most companies purchase standalone software to focus on just one growth lever at a time such as pricing. However, they require insights from other growth levers often obtained from other software such as promotions, to understand the best time and length to promote a product.

Assortment, to identify the best product range, to meet consumer demand for every store location. Or even new product innovation to identify products that are lacking in the market that could boost a company's brand value and competitiveness. The downside of this approach is that these tools are often disconnected from each other and the wider business. Individuals in the business must jump between systems to manually build a complete picture of how to invest across the different growth levers that is available to them.

It is time consuming for users, expensive to maintain technology, and difficult to upgrade this type of siloed capability. These growth levers and others will affect each other. For example, a strategy to change the price of a product will help product volume growth, or decline. However, marketing strategies can also have a similar impact affecting the overall profitability and revenue for the company.

The o9 approach is different. Powered by our digital brain, we offer a fully integrated revenue growth management and integrated planning platform. The o9 Digital Brain handles over 1500 internal and external data sources and enhancing it with relevant market knowledge. All of this is brought together into one interconnected enterprise knowledge graph that maps the relationships and interdependencies between millions of data points.

As new data sources are added the brain get smarter, and you are able to make better and more well informed decisions. Our suites of our GM growth levers and capabilities, leverages this one common underlying database, combined with advanced machine learning and AI algorithms. Our one integrated planning hub provides full workflow capability with a consistent user experience for making profitable investment decisions across all other growth levers. Our strategic planning capabilities enable senior executives to build top down plans and budget allocations with confidence, that they are hitting the right targets and are making the biggest impacts.

Finally, the platform is complemented with the operational performance tracking and gap closing features of o9. This enables in-flight course corrections to beat your plan and increase growth every time. The o9 RGM platform is modular in structure, meaning that you only need to select the capabilities that matter for your business right now. Different markets can operate at different speeds, depending on maturity.

As a cloud based enterprise, grade planning and performance management platform, o9 is easy to maintain and upgrade. And if at a future date you wish to add more capabilities, they can be easily enabled within the existing platform with minimal change management effort and any additional custom analytics and development can be carried out by in-house data science teams or third parties. And any existing o9 customers with supply chain or IBP solutions can easily expand their digital brain to activate RGM. o9's RGM platform drives value by offering truly close loop planning execution, tracking, ROI Analytics, and optimization of investments.

By choosing o9 RGM capabilities, you are investing in a future proof platform that can be adapted to fulfill your business's growth objectives.

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The future of trade promotions for optimal investment decision-making and capturing true ROI

Traditional siloed promotion solutions are not as effective as you thought. Read how to overcome the limitations.

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