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December 1, 2023

Transformation in the Capital Goods Industries

Explore how technology enables project-based
supply chains to thrive under pressure.

O9 whitepaper industrial pbp mockup

Why industrial manufacturers need supply chain control towers for decisiveness during disruptions

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video14 min

Driving Innovation in IT

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The state of the auto industry and the shift to electric vehicles

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Embracing a Platform-Based Approach to IT in the Digital Age

Embracing a platform based approach to it in the digital age thumbnail

Learn how digital operating models combat complexity in the metals supply chain

White paper mockup resource detail page 1.jpg
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Demand Planning in today's world: a demand planner's perspective in manufacturing

Demand planning in today’s world: a demand planner’s perspective in manufacturing thumbnail
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Digitization Leaders: What Differentiates the Best from the Rest?

Digitization leaders: what differentiates the best from the rest? thumbnail

How to Navigate High Tech Supply Challenges: a Blueprint for Resilience

O9 whitepaper high tech mockup 1

Building advanced supply and demand capabilities for Telecom network operators

O9 whitepaper industrial telecom mockup
video30 min

Planning Under Pressure for Discrete Manufacturers

Planning under pressure for discrete manufacturers thumbnail
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Automotive Suppliers’ Ten-Year Planning Capabilities

Automotive suppliers’ ten year planning capabilities thumbnail
video4 min

The New Normal of Automotive Supply Chains

Auto draft thumbnail
video2 min

A Former EVP Shares How to Deliver Value from Transformation

A former evp shares how to deliver value from transformation thumbnail