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July 17, 2023

The Unique o9 Control Tower Capability — Unplanned Maintenance Example

The o9 Control Tower is designed to sense disruptions, translate these into impact, auto-generate scenarios, make decisions and learn and update resolution protocols. In this example we illustrate an example of how the o9 Control Tower deals with unplanned maintenance.

With the o9 control tower, companies can elevate their end to end supply chain performance.

It lets them sense supply disruptions in real time, translate risk into impact and turn it into opportunity, solve disruptions fast through prescribed resolution protocols, execute across traditional silos and orchestrate end to end performance.

Learn from the actions take and evolve the decision making process. Let's see how

O9 whitepaper retail control tower mockup

Managing volatile retail demand with control towers for capacity and flow planning

Retailers need to sense risks and capture opportunities. Control towers are the solution.

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