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July 14, 2023

The o9 Digital Brain — The platform supply chains need now

In this video, we discuss the challenges of using legacy planning systems and how modern cloud native platforms can help businesses make better decisions. We also discuss the o9 Digital Brain and how it is helping supply chains drive enterprise-wide value.

Legacy planning systems are slow and inflexible, making it hard for planners to sense and respond in real time as market conditions shift. This can lead to missed opportunities and suboptimal decisions.

Modern cloud native platforms, on the other hand, are designed to be agile and adaptable. They can easily integrate with other systems and provide a single view of the business. This allows planners to make better decisions faster.

The o9 Digital Brain is a cloud native platform that is helping supply chains drive enterprise-wide value. It is powered by AI and machine learning, which allows it to continuously learn and improve. The o9 Digital Brain also provides a live connected environment, which allows planners to collaborate and make decisions in real time.

In a business environment where there's increased variability and complexity, where real time is the new normal. Do companies have the right software applications to help them make the best decisions to run their business? No, because their legacy planning systems are slow and inflexible, making it hard for planners to sense and respond in real time as market conditions shift. Sales, Supply Chain, Finance.

They all work in different modules, so there is no end to end view of the business. Aligning everyone takes too long. Being able to do fast scenario planning remains a dream for most companies, and as the business changes, old planning tools are too rigid to adapt to the new reality. This is why so much happens in spreadsheets.

Many spreadsheets, lots of spreadsheets. But today, there's already a better way. Companies can now replace their decade old systems with modern cloud native platforms that give them the planning and decision making capabilities that they need, Now, by turning data into knowledgeable insights and using those insights to inform decisions. The o9 Digital Brain is helping supply chains drive enterprise wide value.

It has cloud native horizontally integrated exception based planning with a modern UX, flexible so that it easily adjusts to changes in the business. This AI/ML powered continuously learning live connected environment is the next generation planning and decision making platform that supply chains need now, the compelling proof comes from the companies who are already transforming their business toward a digital operating model by leveraging this new way of working. Real time scenarios, compare options at a moment's notice. Identifying the impact of decisions and creating financial visibility across the business.

There is no more button pushing and waiting there is no more debating about data availability, no need for spreadsheets to fill the gaps. This is what's real now. One platform with live scenario planning across an end to end view of the business in real time, integrating all functions from supply chain to finance to commercial and procurement, enabling new levels of flexibility, speed and decision making.

O9 whitepaper apo replacement wave 1 mockup

CSCOs of FT1000 companies choose the o9 Digital Brain to replace APO—here's why

Our white paper shows what next-generation capabilities FT1000 companies benefit most from when they replace APO with an AI/ML-powered platform.

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