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December 1, 2023

The Future of Integrated Planning

o9 Solutions’ co-founders explain how to turn data into knowledge and knowledge into decisions at scale.

The Takeaways:

1. Integrated planning and decision-making are becoming more important in the boardroom due to demand and supply volatility, affecting many companies' financial performance.

2. Breaking down silos between departments is necessary for a truly integrated planning process that enables companies to make cross-functional decisions with visibility into the impact of different scenarios on an integrated set of KPIs, such as revenue and growth margin.

3. Most companies have data. What they need is systemized knowledge. When it comes to knowledge—such as why a manufacturing plant shut down—Chakri argued most of it isn’t codified but is “tribal” and “trapped in the human mind.” The ability to use AI/ML technology to transform tribal into codified knowledge that impacts decision-making is a significant opportunity for enterprises.

4. A mindset shift is needed to develop a digital operating model. Companies need to adopt a product mindset, focusing on agile and prototype learning rather than thinking in terms of five-year transformation projects.

5. Planning and decision-making is the most valuable enterprise technology, significantly more valuable than ERP. The companies that differentiate themselves in this area will be the most valuable companies of the future. The shift to hyper-collaboration is necessary for successful integrated business planning, and a continuous improvement approach that combines process design, change management, and data is crucial for a successful digital transformation.

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