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December 1, 2023

The Future of Data: A Fireside Chat with Filippo Passerini

— Quality data management doesn't just drive digital transformation—it defines the future of your organization.

The following are the main takeaways from Filippo Passerini’s session at aim10x live New York City.

Nurturing a Data-Centric Culture:

Filippo emphasized the significance of fostering a data-centric culture within an organization. He explained that becoming best in class requires a strong foundation in business processes. For P&G, this was instrumental in achieving success. Passerini highlighted the importance of aligning business processes with data management strategies, as they form the backbone of effective digital transformation initiatives.

Implementing Robust Data Governance Frameworks:

Filippo discussed the importance of implementing robust data governance frameworks to ensure data quality and integrity. He shared P&G's journey of initially having a smaller in-house shared service model, which expanded over time. They strategically outsourced specific areas to gain cost benefits and flexibility, while maintaining control over critical functions. Passerini stressed the need for effective data governance to enable data-driven decision-making and enhance overall organizational efficiency.

Evolving Importance of Supply Chain Function:

Filippo highlighted the evolving importance of the supply chain function within organizations. He emphasized that, for P&G and many other companies, supply chain management serves as a competitive advantage. By continually improving supply chain processes and responsiveness to market demands, organizations can create value for customers and gain an edge over competitors. Filippo mentioned P&G's early adoption of integrated SAP ERP worldwide, emphasizing their focus on supply chain optimization as a strategic opportunity.

Business-Driven Decision-Making:

Filippo shared valuable insights into the decision-making process within IT organizations. Drawing from his experience as both a CIO and a general manager, he emphasized the importance of aligning technology initiatives with the overall business strategy. He highlighted the need to prioritize based on the business model and define clear objectives for generating value. By staying in control of their destiny and proactively articulating the value of technology investments, organizations can drive business growth and success.

Articulating Value Creation:

Filippo also underscored the importance of articulating value creation beyond financial numbers. He provided an example from P&G's digital transformation efforts, where they virtualized the process of gathering consumer feedback on packaging designs. By eliminating physical markups and reducing the time to market by weeks, P&G created significant value and saved hundreds of millions of dollars. Filippo emphasized the need to identify and communicate value in a compelling, memorable way that aligns with the organization's goals.

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