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December 1, 2023

The Chief Digital Officer transformation story

Pirelli’s Chief Digital Officer shares how the tire manufacturer
is evolving out of silos and into integrated strategic planning.

The Takeaways:

1. Pirelli uses a data-driven approach to anticipate the demand for tires and ensure that they are ready to serve the needs of their customers, and they needed a digital platform to do this.

2. o9's platform facilitates cross-functional planning across Production, Sales, Finance, and Logistics, enabling decisions to be made collaboratively based on data and maximizing EBITA while minimizing costs and emissions.

3. Pier Paolo's lessons learned from Pirelli’s digital transformation journey is to start with the core business model and identify where digitalization can bring value, such as using data to support the selling process and change the way products are sold.

4. Pirelli aims to further transform its business by digitalizing the end-to-end lifecycle design of tires and the production plant, using IoT data to analyze the production, anticipate problems, and reduce waste.

5. Pirelli sees big data, algorithms, and planning as key technological capabilities for the future, enabling them to translate from long-term to short-term planning and optimize production in their plants.

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