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December 1, 2023

Solving Supply Chain Challenges with the o9 Digital Brain

— The o9 Digital Brain redefines decision-making with its adaptive planning processes, holistic decision mapping, incremental solution building, and advanced autonomous workflows.

The following are the main takeaways from Umesh Arasu’s session at aim10x live New York City.

The Power of Online Meetings and the Digital Brain Experience:

The o9 platform offers a comprehensive online meeting capability that replaces traditional PowerPoint and Excel-based meetings. The platform serves as a framework for organizing meetings, setting up agendas, creating action items, and annotating presentations. It enables a PowerPoint-like experience but with the added benefit of real-time collaboration, annotation, and data interaction, making meetings more productive and engaging.

Bridging the Gap: Flexibility and Speed in Planning Processes:

o9 Solutions recognizes that every customer has unique planning challenges, and bridging the gap between different planning processes is crucial. The platform's strategy focuses on retaining flexibility while improving implementation speed and quality. This is achieved through a configurable core platform, industry-specific digital brain templates, and solution building blocks that can be incrementally added for faster scaling and value delivery.

End-to-End Decision Mapping for Holistic Planning:

The o9 platform aims to connect decisions across the enterprise, providing a comprehensive view of the end-to-end supply chain. The Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) acts as the critical piece that connects all the reference products and decision-making processes. By visualizing and mapping decisions across different functions and stages, organizations can make more informed and interconnected decisions. The o9 Digital Brain enables a 360-degree view of the entire decision-making landscape.

Solution Building Blocks for Incremental Value:

The platform offers solution building blocks that follow core processes such as Integrated Business Planning (IBP), supply planning, demand planning, and data management. These building blocks have both foundational and advanced elements. By leveraging a modular approach, organizations can start with foundational blocks and gradually add advanced ones based on their maturity and specific needs. This incremental approach allows for faster time-to-value and seamless integration with the EKG.

Advanced Workflows: Explainable ML and Autonomous Planning:

The keynote also highlighted two advanced workflows: explainable machine learning (ML) and autonomous planning. The ML forecasting capabilities provide not only the forecasted numbers but also the contribution and importance of each driver. This makes ML-based forecasts more explainable and trustworthy for planners. Autonomous planning focuses on short-term operational decision-making, leveraging automated recommendations and auto-resolution scenarios. These functionalities help organizations quickly respond to market signals and disruptions.

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