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July 14, 2023

How o9 Can Help Telecom Companies Improve Their Supply Chain

In this video, we discuss how o9 can help telecom companies improve their supply chain. We start by looking at the key supply chain workflows for a telecom provider, and then we show how o9 can seamlessly cover them all.

We cover everything from demand planning to supply planning to safety stock optimization. We also discuss how o9 can help you prioritize orders and allocate supply to orders.

The o9 digital Brain platform with the telecom infrastructure planning solution also enables a proven agile design and implementation approach to deliver value quickly and iteratively with phased business releases.

If you're looking for a way to improve your telecom supply chain, then o9 is the solution for you.

In these unprecedented times, telecom companies are rethinking how to solve some of their most pressing challenges, the supply chain associated with building, upgrading, and modifying the network infra There is a constant focus on new technologies in the telecom industry, and operators need to ensure that customers are not affected while upgrading and building new cell towers.

Therefore, having the right material at the right place and at the right time becomes critical for successful rollout.

This video covers the key supply chain workflows for the network supply chain of a telecom provider and how o9 can seamlessly cover them all. We start by taking a look at master data, transactional data, and reports from various systems and spreadsheets as these will contain all relevant information needed to execute projects.

From top down forecasts of regions and markets, all the way to individual SKUs, orders, vendor splits, and product transition With this information, we can start to plan our demand, which takes into account the financial plan, historical attach rates, and product transitions.

It is important to differentiate between new installations and repair of existing sites.

For new installations, the main complex fee resides on being able to anticipate the component quantities required prior to having confirmation of final designs or site fundings.

We start with pace rate planning, which enables grouping of projects by types and uses top down forecasts to assign volumes for specific projects.

We can review system generated attach rate based forecasts to come up with a bottoms up SKU level demand to meet the required run rate.

We can also visualize the information for projects other than new builds. Such as maintenance and upgrades of cell towers and their specific status.

Finally, planners can also create different scenarios before agreeing on a consensus demand plan. Once the demand plan is published, it drives the supply planning activities to at three critical decisions.

How much needs to be procured from vendors? How much needs to be inbounded from the vendor DC into the corporate warehouse?

And what future needs to forecast to vendors for supplier collaboration.

Starting with purchase requisitions, which determine what materials to be procured, and when, including MLQ's time fences, etcetera.

The system recommends purchase orders and planners can review a job and approve them resulting in POs to the suppliers.

Planners then send delivery requests which signal immediate needs to vendors so they can execute accordingly.

The system generates these requests by considering parameters like safety stock, open purchase orders, ending on hand inventory and recommends time phased delivery requests.

Lastly, planners can publish a six to twelve month forecast to provide visibility and collaborate with suppliers in preparation for future needs. Following these decisions, the system periodic optimization of the safety stock level by considering demand and supply variability.

The system uses the data previously ingested or generated and recommends optimal safety stock, which can be compared against the ERP safety stock.

The platform provides a forecast error view, where planners can see forecast error metrics across skews.

Lastly, when the orders are approved, the system enables planners to prioritize orders based on order attributes and allocate supply to orders for pick pack shipped to their market's insights.

Planners are able to review orders in real time, assign priority, review ranks, and run material allocation.

The o9 digital Brain platform with the telecom infrastructure planning solution also enables a proven agile design and implementation approach to deliver value quickly and iteratively with phased business releases.

Enhance, connect, and transform, end to end planning for your network infrastructure rollouts, and upgrades with o9.

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