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July 14, 2023

o9 Short-term Commercial Initiative Management

A short demonstration of what is available on the o9 platform relating to commercial initiative management.

O9 whitepaper trade promotion mockup

The future of trade promotions for optimal investment decision-making and capturing true ROI

Traditional siloed promotion solutions are not as effective as you thought. Read how to overcome the limitations.

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Planning Imperatives for Efficient Growth

O9 whitepaper efficient growth mockup 2
video4 min

What makes o9's RGM solution unique for CPG companies?

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RGM White Paper | How to Digitalize Your Commercial Planning Process with Revenue Growth Management

O9 whitepaper rgm core 2 mockup
video4 min

How o9 Solutions is helping Arla Foods transform its revenue management

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Quality Brand Growth in the Age of Disruption

O9 whitepaper ipa mockup

The future of trade promotions

O9 whitepaper rgm trade promotions 2 mockup
video2 min

What is Revenue Growth Management (RGM)?

What is revenue growth management (rgm)? thumbnail

Critical Use Cases for Driving Resilience in the High-Tech Industry

O9 whitepaper high tech mockup

Transforming Packaging Supply Chain Planning & Collaboration

O9 guide wppp mockup 2

aim10x Magazine - 2024 E1

Aim10x magazine 2024e1 mockup

Collaborative Multi-Tier Risk Management

Srm white paper mockup

Multi-Tier Supply Chain Risk Management

Srm pov mockup